The US Coast Guard had record seizures in 2015 and 2016, but basic technology is helping traffickers elude them

Basic Trafficker Technology Trumps Hi-Tech Authorities

Despite the use of advanced technology by authorities to combat drug smuggling to the United States, organized crime groups in Latin America are still using basic...
Ecuador seized over three metric tons of cocaine in just a few days

Huge Ecuador Cocaine Seizures Signal Growing Role in Drug Trade

Ecuador seized over three metric tons of cocaine in less than a week, a large haul that signals the country's growing role in the transnational drug trade as well...
Colombian Police escort Washington Prado Álava.

Ecuador’s Alleged ‘Pablo Escobar’: From Boatman to Drug Lord

New details have emerged on the largely unknown operations of a recently-captured Ecuadorean drug trafficker, shedding light on the crucial, and often overlooked,...
Suspects in Ecuadorean trafficking ring

Police Captain Allegedly Key Part of Ecuador-Colombia Trafficking Ring

Authorities in Ecuador believe a police captain played a central role in coordinating the Ecuadorean side of one of the biggest drug trafficking networks the...
Colombian authorities arrested an Ecuadorian suspected of trafficking 250 metric tons of cocaine

Unknown Ecuadorean’s Arrest Sign of Low-Profile, High Volume Trafficking?

Colombia's arrest of a major Ecuadorean drug trafficker and the dismantling of his organization, unknown to the public until now, illustrates the drug trade's...
A seized multi-ton cocaine shipment

Multi-ton Seizures Point to Return of Massive Cocaine Shipments

A string of multi-ton cocaine seizures in Ecuador and the Caribbean suggest massive drug shipments have made a comeback in Latin America, a development that's...
Illegal mining has destroyed virgin jungle

GameChangers 2016: Illegal Mining and Continuing Criminal Diversification

Latin America witnessed a criminal boom in illegal mining in 2016, and a rise of complementary illicit activities, as organized crime recognized the potential of...
The 7.5 metric ton cocaine bust at Guayaquil port

Ecuador Makes Biggest Cocaine Bust of 2016 as Drug Seizures Rise

Ecuador has seized around 10 metric tons of cocaine at the Guayaquil port in the space of a few days, suggesting that the country may be growing in importance as...
Ex-Ecuadorian Minister Jorge Pareja Yannuzzelli

Oil Company Corruption Scandal Threatens Ecuador’s Political Elite

Interpol has joined the hunt for a former Ecuadorian government minister and head of its state oil company, who is on the run from a corruption scandal that echoes...