Greivin Rodríguez identifies a river contaminated from illegal gold mining in Crucitas

Illegal Gold Mining in Costa Rica Suggests Diversifying Criminal Landscape

Recent reports suggest illegal gold mining and the associated trafficking of mercury are increasing in Costa Rica, providing evidence that organized crime groups in...
Costa Rica Security Minister Gustavo Mata Vega

Costa Rica Officials Warn of Growing Maritime Drug Trade Amid Cocaine Surge

Security officials in Costa Rica say they are incapable of stopping transnational drug traffickers from using the country's pristine beaches as stopover points for...
Colombian cocaine seized in the Caribbean

US Report Shows Revitalized Central America Cocaine Corridor

The US State Department named seven Central American countries as havens for laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking and organized crime, and described the...
Costa Rica and Nicaragua’s bilateral meeting against organized crime

Costa Rica, Nicaragua Join Efforts to Combat Organized Crime

A high level meeting between officials in Costa Rica and Nicaragua is expected to lead to greater cooperation on tackling several facets of organized crime, an...
Costa Rica Security Minister Gustavo Mata

FARC Demobilization Could Threaten Costa Rica Security: Minister

Authorities in Costa Rica are worried that the dismantling of Colombia's main guerrilla group could threaten the Central American country's stability, as a new...
Costa Rica's Attorney General said local criminal groups are being recruited and trained by Mexican drug cartels

Costa Rica AG Says Mexico Cartels are Recruiting, Training Local Groups

Costa Rica's Attorney General said local criminal groups are being recruited and trained by Mexican drug cartels, further indication of the evolving relationship...
Costa Rica’s Public Security Minister Gustavo Mata

Costa Rica to Send Barely Trained Police Officers on the Streets

Costa Rica has decided to drastically shorten the selection and training process of its police officers, a measure that will quickly increase police presence in...
Local gangs in Costa Rica and Panama stepped up in 2016

GameChangers 2016: Gang Evolution in Central America’s Southern Gateway

When it comes to Central America, all eyes are usually on the Northern Triangle. But 2016 saw local organized crime in Costa Rica and Panama -- traditionally oases...

Bust of Transnational Drug Ring Follows Honduras Kingpin’s Capture

Costa Rican and Honduran authorities busted a transnational drug ring allegedly involving over a dozen police officers from the two countries, raising suspicion...