Colombia's government has set ambitious coca eradication goals

Colombia’s New Crop Substitution Plan Facing Old Obstacles: Report

Colombia's government has declared an ambitious plan to eradicate 100,000 hectares of coca crops by the end of the year, but an analysis of the program so far casts...
Colombia’s Minister of Defense Luis Carlos Villegas and US Ambassador Kevin Whitaker in Necoclí

Colombia Finally Gets Serious About Tackling the Urabeños

The Colombian government has made some discrete changes to its hunt for the country's most wanted criminal, changes that may well tip the scales in what has, for...
Operation Agamemnon has entered its second phase

Colombia’s Largest-Ever Manhunt Hasn’t Caught Its Top Target. Here’s Why.

Colombia's dense jungle on the Caribbean coast is the heartland of the Urabeños, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the Americas. This is where its...
An Indugel explosives seizure

Inside Colombia’s Multimillion-Dollar Black Market Explosives Trade

Colombia's flourishing illegal gold mining business requires explosives, many of which are sourced illicitly. This essential yet overlooked trade has opened the...
The Gulf of Urabá

Economic Development and Organized Crime: The Two Faces of Urabá, Colombia

The Gulf of Urabá boasts 323 kilometers of porous, thick, and deep coast dominated by the whim of the so-called Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, also...
A police vehicle after the alleged attack of the Urabeños

Colombia Govt Claims Success Against Urabeños, But Group Remains Strong

A recent series of deadly attacks against police in Colombia attributed to the Urabeños hasn't stopped authorities from trumpeting their successes against the...
Pablo Escobar, leader of the Medellín Cartel

Former Pablo Escobar Associate Killed in Medellín, Colombia

A former associate of Pablo Escobar was killed in Colombia's second-largest city, leading to speculation that he continued to traffic drugs long after the fall of...
Luis Alberto Ortíz Cabezas, alias "Pepe"

Murder of Ex-FARC Casts More Shadows on Colombia’s Peace

A former FARC guerrilla has been murdered in Colombia's embattled southwest department of Nariño, a reminder of the political and criminal risks faced by the...
Police guard the six tons of cocaine seized in Barranquilla

Large Colombia Cocaine Seizure Points to Urabeños Strength

Authorities in Colombia seized a multi-ton cocaine shipment belonging to Colombia's most powerful crime group, showing that despite divisions within its leadership,...