José Orlando Sánchez Cristancho, former leader of the Norte del Valle Cartel

Colombian Criminal Arrest Reminder of Dissolved Cartel’s Influence

Authorities arrested a former leader of a now dissolved Colombian drug trafficking organization, a sign that the group's legacy in the country's underworld lives...
Urabeños paramilitaries and ELN guerrillas clash in Chocó

Violent History Repeats Itself in Colombia’s Strategic Chocó Department

The ELN has denied responsibility for the killing of five civilians in the Colombian department of Chocó. The latest violence shows the zone's valuable...
As the FARC abandon their former ground, new armed groups threaten Tumaco

FARC Activities in Colombia Port Show Post-Conflict Challenges

Colombian guerrillas allegedly held an illegal political meeting in the country's southwest, while authorities dismantled a local corruption ring, highlighting...
Urabeños leaders Otoniel (left) and Gavilán

Colombia’s Urabeños May Be Divided but Not Conquered

Information has surfaced on apparent frictions at the heart at one of the Western Hemisphere's most powerful drug trafficking organizations. But while its leaders...
Colombia’s Attorney General Néstor Humberto Martínez

Colombia’s Urabeños Recruiting Dissidents from FARC Peace Process

Recent reports warn that one of Colombia's biggest criminal groups may be recruiting dissident guerrilla fighters, another indication that new actors are moving in...
Cali is Colombia's most violent city

Report Breaks Down 15 Years of Bloodshed in Colombia’s Murder Capital

A new analysis of 15 years of homicide statistics in Colombia's most violent city, Cali, highlights the direct correlation between underworld evolutions and...
FARC members at the guerrillas' 10th conference in September 2016

Santos Recognizes Criminal Groups are Moving into FARC Areas

Top officials in Colombia have recognized a phenomenon that has become increasingly apparent to observers of the FARC peace process: criminal groups are taking...
'Mi Sangre' during his extradition to the United States

Historic Colombia Kingpin ‘Mi Sangre’ Extradited to United States

Colombian kingpin "Mi Sangre" has been extradited from Argentina to the United States, closing a chapter in one of the most pivotal and turbulent periods in...
Depiction of a "gota a gota" transaction

Colombian Crime Groups Export Loan Sharking to Peru

Authorities in Peru are warning about the involvement of Colombian crime groups in loan sharking, suggesting these organizations are expanding their participation...