The BCB was one of Colombia's most powerful paramilitary blocs

Colombia’s ‘Invisible’ Drug Traffickers May Include ‘Narco-Ghost’

A profile of a Colombian drug trafficker who, after a long criminal career, disappeared off the radar highlights how key figures in the underworld continue to...

Colombia Captures Cocaine Fixer ‘La Faraona’

A recent capture by Colombian authorities highlights the importance of "super fixers" in modern drug trafficking and the perceived novelty of women in the drug...
The site of the clandestine graves

Mass Graves Found on Venezuela-Colombia Border

Authorities in Venezuela have discovered two clandestine graves near the border with Colombia, raising the possibility that violence between warring criminal groups...
Colombia's Attorney General Eduardo Montealegre

Colombia Seeks Demobilization of Criminal Groups

Colombia is evaluating two controversial proposals on how to combat and prosecute the latest generation criminal groups, which could have far-reaching implications...
Buenaventura, Colombia is still plagued by criminal violence

Violence Persists in Colombia Port City, Despite Military Surge

The Colombian port city of Buenaventura is once again on high alert after the discovery of clandestine graves and dismembered bodies, raising questions as to...
The Zulia morgue the victims were brought to

8 Killed in Massacre on Colombia-Venezuela Border

A reported clash between criminal groups the Rastrojos and the Urabeños left eight dead along the Colombia-Venezuela border, which, if true, would suggest...
Cali's youth are particularly vulnerable to criminal groups

Cali, Colombia: Caught in the Criminal Crossfire

The massacre of eight people on a ranch in the outskirts of Cali -- Colombia's third-largest city and the second-most violent in the country -- has raised alarm...
Colombia's BACRIM are expanding, says ombudsman's office

Colombia’s BACRIM Expand as FARC Talks Peace

Colombia's Ombudsman's Office warns that the country's narco-paramilitary groups are expanding, suggesting that these organizations could be lining themselves up to...
Diego Rastrojo after his capture in 2012

US Court Sentences Rastrojos Founder to 30 Years In Prison

A US federal court has sentenced Diego Perez Henao, alias "Diego Rastrojo" -- a former top leader of Colombia's Rastrojos criminal organization -- to 30 years in...