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Colombia ‘Narco Junior’ Lived Double Life as Jet-Setter and Medellín Crime Boss: Authorities

Authorities in Colombia arrested the son of a late Medellín Cartel trafficker on charges that he held a leadership role within the crime group that succeeded Pablo...

Colombia Arrests Top Figure in Medellín Underworld, but Impact Likely Limited

The recent arrest of one of the top criminal figures in Medellín, Colombia, is unlikely to have a major impact on the city's underworld, but it could incentivize...
Ex-Security Secretary Gustavo Villegas

Blurring the Line: The Security Secretary and the Medellín Mafia

The arrest of Medellín's security secretary in north Colombia has rocked the city establishment and challenged the political elite's prevailing narrative it has...
The city of Medellín during a storm

Medellín, Colombia Security Minister’s Arrest Shows Crime-Politics Link

The security secretary of Medellín, Colombia was arrested recently for allegedly colluding with what was long the city's most powerful crime syndicate, in an...
Pablo Escobar, leader of the Medellín Cartel

Former Pablo Escobar Associate Killed in Medellín, Colombia

A former associate of Pablo Escobar was killed in Colombia's second-largest city, leading to speculation that he continued to traffic drugs long after the fall of...
Members of crime groups known as "combos" are apparently seeking negotiations with the government

Questions Arise Over Colombia Gang Members Seeking ‘Peace Advocate’ Status

The recent surrender of several gang members in Colombia is raising questions about the application of a legal reform meant to facilitate peace negotiations between...
Maximiliano Bonilla Orozco, alias "Valenciano"

8 Years After Indictment, US Sentences Colombia Crime Boss

A US court has sentenced a top Colombian drug trafficker years after he negotiated his way back to criminal life in Colombia, in a case that highlights weaknesses...
Depiction of a "gota a gota" transaction

Colombian Crime Groups Export Loan Sharking to Peru

Authorities in Peru are warning about the involvement of Colombian crime groups in loan sharking, suggesting these organizations are expanding their participation...
Hassan Mansour, Ghassan Diab and Mohammad Ammar

DEA Operation Reveals Hezbollah-Colombia Connection

A DEA sting has uncovered an alleged money laundering ring linked to Colombian drug traffickers and Lebanese militants Hezbollah, in the latest example of the nexus...