Lorena Henao Montoya, sister and wife of NDVC leaders

Norte del Valle Cartel

The Norte del Valle Cartel (NDVC) emerged out of the breakup of the infamous Cali Cartel to became the wealthiest and most...
Lorena Henao Montoya had been deeply involved in the drug trade

Colombia’s “Widow of the Mafia” Assassinated

Lorena Henao Montoya, known as the "Widow of the Mafia," was murdered after assassins on a motorcycle strafed her car with bullets in the province of Armenia, just...

Star Witness and Ex-Colombian Druglord Returns Wanting Revenge

After becoming a key witness for the DEA, one of the former members of the Cali Cartel is reportedly back in his old territory and waging a bitter war against one...

Former Colombian Cartel Members: A New Home in Bolivia?

Bolivian police suspect that former members of the Norte Del Valle Cartel have infiltrated their borders, following the dismantling of the Colombian organization in...