11 ELN members were captured in Venezuela

Alleged ELN Members Captured in Venezuela

The arrest in Venezuela of alleged ELN members is a reminder of the value of the neighboring nation as a safe haven to Colombia's rebel group. Its rearguard use has...
The ELN's peace talks risk falling on deaf ears

Colombia Army Says Powerful ELN Bloc Opposed to Peace

Colombia's government has admitted that a key ELN faction is opposed to the peace process. But while this singles out the most overtly rebellious front, there are...
Luis Alberto Ortíz Cabezas, alias "Pepe"

Murder of Ex-FARC Casts More Shadows on Colombia’s Peace

A former FARC guerrilla has been murdered in Colombia's embattled southwest department of Nariño, a reminder of the political and criminal risks faced by the...
ELN rebels

ELN Negotiator Talks Peace Progress, New Underworld Conflicts

One of the chief negotiators of Colombia's largest remaining guerrilla group, the ELN, has spoken out on the rebels' peace process and their place in the rapidly...
Urabeños paramilitaries and ELN guerrillas clash in Chocó

Violent History Repeats Itself in Colombia’s Strategic Chocó Department

The ELN has denied responsibility for the killing of five civilians in the Colombian department of Chocó. The latest violence shows the zone's valuable...
As the FARC abandon their former ground, new armed groups threaten Tumaco

FARC Activities in Colombia Port Show Post-Conflict Challenges

Colombian guerrillas allegedly held an illegal political meeting in the country's southwest, while authorities dismantled a local corruption ring, highlighting...
The ELN is appears to be expanding in Chocó

ELN Cocaine Seizure Points to Expanding Presence on Colombia’s Pacific Coast

Authorities seized around 1.5 metric tons of cocaine linked to the ELN rebels in Colombia's Chocó department, the latest sign that the group is expanding by...
Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista, alias "Gabino," leader of the ELN

As ELN Peace Talks Start, a Rocky Path Ahead

As the public phase of peace talks between the government of Colombia and the country's second-largest guerrilla group begins, the rebels' ongoing kidnappings and...
A maritime seizure of cocaine

Record ELN Cocaine Shipment Seized Days before Peace Talks Start

An international sting led to the biggest drug seizure ever linked to Colombia's ELN rebel group, a worrying sign of the guerrillas' ongoing drug activities that...