Head of EPL dissidents Victor Navarro, alias "Megateo"

Discovery of Rebel Cocaine Labs in Colombia Highlight Drug Alliances

Colombian police have destroyed 44 cocaine laboratories they say were part of an operation that brought together guerrilla groups the FARC, the ELN and the remnants...
Police officers who were kidnapped by the FARC

FARC Set to Release Kidnapped Police

Colombia's largest guerrilla group the FARC was set to release two abducted policemen, and promised to free a soldier, in a gesture that could calm the controversy...
Colombia's Catatumbo region, which borders Venezuela

ELN Kidnaps Germans near Colombia-Venezuela Border

Colombia's second-largest guerrilla group the ELN announced the kidnap of two German citizens in the Venezuelan border region, in what looks like an attempt to...
ELN rebels number up to 3000 fighters

ELN Hope to Force Their Way into Peace Talks

Rebels from Colombia's smaller rebel group have kidnapped five prospectors and launched attacks across the country in an effort to force the government into...
ELN boss "Gabino" in a video calling for peace

Colombian ELN Guerrillas ‘Thrown Out of Cuba’

Representatives of the ELN guerrilla group were expelled from Cuba after an unauthorized attempt to join peace talks between Colombian government and FARC rebels,...
A Colombian semi-submersible

FARC, Rastrojos Are Friends and Enemies: Naval Commander

Colombia's main criminal groups and leftist guerrillas along the Pacific Coast have aligned to traffic drugs in certain areas but are battling for control of these...
Negotiators at peace talks in Mexico in 1991

Will ELN Join Colombia’s Peace Talks?

The ELN guerrilla group is making moves towards entering peace talks with the Colombian government, which could be crucial to negotiating a lasting peace with...

Colombia Raids Rebel Camp with Dance Floor, Bar

Colombian officials have dismantled a massive camp used by ELN guerrillas as a reserve base in the southwest, evidence of the rebel group's ability to operate with...
ELN boss "Pablito" filmed in Venezuela

ELN in Venezuela

Colombian guerrilla group the ELN has used Venezuelan territory for decades, but its presence in the country has become increasingly important since 2000 as its...