Colombia Land Reform Activists Face Rising Threats

Documented threats to Colombia's human rights activists skyrocketed in 2014, pointing to efforts by shadowy interest groups to halt land restitution...

What Paramilitary Leader’s Extradition Could Mean for FARC Peace

Colombia's Supreme Court has approved the extradition of ex-paramilitary leader Julian Bolivar, raising questions about the fate of other former paramilitaries...
Colombian drug capo 'Don Mario'

Colombia to Extradite Paramilitary Drug Capo ‘Don Mario’

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos has signed the order that will send drug trafficker and former paramilitary chief Daniel Rendon Herrera, alias "Don Mario,"...
William Palacio Valencia, the mayor of Turbo

Colombia Arrests Show Criminal-Political Ties Die Hard

Thirty-two public figures, including former and current politicians, have been arrested in Colombia's northwestern Uraba region for ties to paramilitaries, in a...
Drummond stands accused of paramilitary collusion

Colombia’s Paramilitary-Coal Nexus: Drummond, Glencore Face New Accusations

A Dutch NGO has compiled a damning report on the alleged collusion of multinational mining companies Drummond and Glencore with paramilitaries who carried out mass...
The US has dropped the case against Chiquita

Dismissal of Chiquita Banana Case Major Blow to Colombia Victims

A US appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Colombian families against banana giant Chiquita for allegedly colluding with paramilitaries, dealing a major...
Ramon Isaza handing in his weapons in 2006

Colombia, US Accused of Impunity Over Early Narco, AUC Releases

As Colombia prepares to release 160 paramilitaries that have served just eight-year sentences under a demobilization agreement with the government, controversy is...
Freddy Rendon Herrera, alias "El Aleman"

Mass Release of Paramilitaries Could Disrupt Colombia Underworld

Over 400 former paramilitary fighters in Colombia, including numerous ex-leaders, are slated for release from prison by December 2014, an event that could cause...
Enilce Lopez, alias "La Gata"

Money Laundering Case Spotlights Colombia Businesswoman’s Paramilitary Ties

Authorities in Colombia have arrested 11 people close to powerful businesswoman "La Gata" and seized many of her assets, as part of an ongoing drug money laundering...