A "skimmer" installed at an ATM

Chile Busts Bank Card Cloning Operation, Arrests 3 Colombians

Chilean investigative police have arrested three Colombians allegedly dedicated to credit card cloning, further evidence of the growing problems of identity theft...
A precursor chemical seizure in Mexico

Precursor Chemical Trade Becoming More Innovative: Report

Latin American criminal organizations are relying on increasingly innovative ways to get the chemicals needed for drug production as a result of...
Arson attack carried out on January 4

Chile Links Radical Indigenous Group to FARC

Groups behind a string of arson attacks in southern Chile have had contact with Colombian Marxist rebel group the FARC, according to a Chilean government...
A policeman in Santiago shows a gun seized from gangs

Drug Gangs Run 80 Neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile

An investigation by journalism institute CIPER has found that despite Chile's reputation as one of the safest countries in Latin America, 83 neighborhoods in the...

Senator’s Marijuana Use Sparks Debate in Chile

A Chilean senator’s admission to regular marijuana use has sparked a debate over the drug, with lawmakers tabling one bill that seeks to decriminalize personal...

Officials in Uruguay, Chile Submit Marijuana Legalization Bills

While the Uruguayan president has endorsed a bill which would create a legal, state-run marijuana industry, congressmen in Chile are pushing a bill to legalize the...

Chile Arrests ‘Godfather’ Gang Members

Chilean authorities have broken up a cocaine trafficking gang said to have been inspired by the 1972 film “The...

Chile Seafood Cocaine Bust Highlights Alternative Routes to Europe

French officials found cocaine packed in seafood containers on a ship traveling from Chile, pointing to a lesser-known drug trafficking route from South America to...

Could ‘Miami Cannibal’ Drug Gain Ground in Latin America?

Synthetic drugs like the one that reportedly sparked a vicious attack by the infamous “Miami cannibal” are becoming increasingly popular in Latin America, as...