US President Donald Trump

Trump Exemplifies Regional Trend of Blaming Crime on Migrants

New US President Donald Trump has ordered the construction of a border wall to keep out what he has labelled the "drug dealers, criminals and rapists" from Mexico....
Cocaine seizures in Chile are on the rise

Report Finds Drug Trafficking Through Chile is on the Rise

Recent official data indicates that Chile's role as a transit nation for drug trafficking has increased in recent years, a pattern that authorities say is directly...
The creamy form of cocaine was discovered in shampoo bottles

Cream Cocaine Latest Innovation by Drug Traffickers

Cream cocaine appears to be the latest novelty used by traffickers to help their drugs avoid detection, adding to a long list that has helped criminal groups stay...
Aerial surveillance along the Bolivia-Brazil border

Bolivia Minister Says Porous Border Aids Crime Groups

Bolivia's interior minister acknowledged at a regional summit that many border crossings remain vulnerable to criminal activities, a reminder of the Andean nation's...
Chilean border crossing

International Human Smuggling Ring Dismantled in Peru and Chile

A multi-country operation has dismantled a human smuggling ring described as the largest criminal organization bringing Dominican migrants to Chile, as those...
An inmate at San Miguel prison in Santiago in 2010

Report Details Prison Woes in Chile

A recent report by Chile's judiciary has deplored the dangerous and inhumane conditions of prisons in Chile, highlighting concern over overcrowding, a problem that...
Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship lasted from 1973 to 1990

Was Chile’s Dictator Also a Drug Trafficker?

A Chilean newspaper has suggested nearly 3,000 classified US documents contain information linking former dictator Augusto Pinochet to drug trafficking, a somewhat...

How Violence, Crime Drives Migration from Colombia to Chile

A new barrier to Latin American integration has emerged in northern Chile. People who wish to reach this southern nation are increasingly confronted by xenophobia,...
Cost of crime and violence in Latin America eats up a significant chunk of GDP

High Cost Of Crime In Latin America: Report

An in-depth study into the costs of crime and violence in Latin America concludes that they have a profound economic impact in the region, costing nations an...