A march in favor of marijuana legalization in Chile

Marijuana Reform Advances in Chile

A committee in Chile’s Congress has paved the way for partial marijuana legalization, following efforts to decriminalize personal consumption of the drug and allow...

UN Drug Control Board Scolds Reform in Latin America

In its most recent report, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) -- responsible for overseeing the implementation of the United Nation’s drug...
An example of a crime heat map created by PredPol software

Using Data to Predict and Prevent Crime in LatAm

Can Latin America see greater success in reducing urban crime and violence by emphasizing data collection and analysis? InSight Crime takes a look at three such...

Paraguay Traffickers Exploit Lucrative Chile Marijuana Market

Drug trafficking groups in Paraguay can earn almost 20 times more selling marijuana in Chile than on the domestic market, according to Paraguayan authorities, an...
The Arica desert in north Chile

The Trials of Drug ‘Mules’ in Chile’s Northern Desert

Article 22 of Chile's drug law states that a prisoner may reduce their sentence by cooperating with the police. In a perversion of these regulations, powerful...
Argentine officials lay out the seized marijuana

Argentina Makes Largest Ever Marijuana Seizure

Authorities in Argentina have made the largest marijuana seizure in the country's history even as drug trafficking groups target journalists and political...
The land where the marijuana was planted

Chile Kicks Off Medical Marijuana Program

Chile is now the first country in Latin America to cultivate marijuana for strictly medical purposes, in what could represent the first step towards liberalizing...
A Chilean border crossing

Smugglers Moving Dominicans From Bolivia to Chile

Authorities in Bolivia have identified a network of Peruvian coyotes dedicated to smuggling Dominicans into Chile, highlighting how economic changes have spurred...

Chile Makes Second Largest Drug Bust of Last Decade

Authorities in Chile have seized over two tons of drugs intended for domestic consumption in what officials are calling the second largest seizure in the last ten...