Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime
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Uruguay Tries to Make Sense of Repeated Attacks on Police

The growing number of attacks on police in Uruguay reflects the growing role of local organized crime in a country that until recently was thought to be one of the...

Clandestine Airstrips, Drug Flights Becoming More Frequent Across Venezuela

Clandestine airstrips found in Venezuela and suspected drug flights leaving the country soared in 2019, with different parts of the country being used as aerial...

Ex-FARC Mafia Drives Park Rangers Out of Colombia’s Amazon

After receiving threats, park rangers in Colombia have abandoned areas of the Amazon that they were protecting. Now these territories could fall increasingly under...

Colombia Observatory Report Demystifies Role of Women in Organized Crime

New studies are seeking to address the complex and rapidly evolving roles that women play in criminal structures, which have sometimes gone underreported or been...

Has Panama Kicked Its Money Laundering Habit?

A new report says that Panama remains a nation of “particular concern” when it comes to financial secrecy and money laundering, suggesting that the Central...
43 people have been violently killed in Rosario since the start of 2020

Police Corruption Blamed as Bodies Pile Up in Rosario, Argentina

Argentina’s inability to contain a new wave of violent murders in the strategically located city of Rosario has exposed a deeply fragmented criminal landscape and...

Bolivia Investigations Target Members of Evo Morales’ MAS Party

Since Bolivia’s botched elections in October 2019, numerous high-standing politicians and law enforcement officials associated with the Movement to Socialism...

PCC’s Rapid Expansion Topic of Debate at InSight Crime Conference

Thanks to a combination of great organizational capacity, control of prisons, high levels of loyalty among its members and dominance of key criminal economies, the...

Report Recognizes Drug Trafficking Influence of Venezuela’s Cartel of the Suns

For the first time, the International Narcotics Control Board has recognized the growing influence of the "Cartel of the Suns," the name for a criminal structure...

ELN Showcases Unique Ability to Paralyze Parts of Colombia

For three days in mid-February, the ELN made a show of force, staging simultaneous operations across Colombia in a show of force, which also sent a clear message to...

Capital Murder: 2019 Homicide Rates in Latin America’s Capital Cities

In a year marked by political and criminal turmoil, Latin American capitals did not escape the effects of the violence, organized crime and state repression...

US Alleges Honduras Drug Lab Operated with Presidential Protection

Authorities in the United States allege that a recently arrested drug trafficker in Honduras relied on protection from President Juan Orlando Hernández and his...