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Luxury Cars Gifted to Questionable Police Forces in Mexico and Argentina

Luxurious vehicles seized from criminals in Mexico and Argentina are being handed over for use by police forces, despite their reputation for corruption and...

Narco-Assets for Sale in Mexico: Going, Going, Gone?

Who wouldn’t want a huge mansion, a full-sized pool and an escape tunnel at lower than market value? While the Mexican government is auctioning off properties,...

Airport Heist Shows Growing Audacity of Brazil’s Cargo Thieves

Without firing a single shot, heavily-armed men disguised as police raided a São Paulo airport cargo terminal, making off with 720 kilograms of gold in two pickups...

Europe Busts Point to Uruguay as Cocaine Transit Point

More than a half a ton of cocaine was smuggled aboard a private jet that landed in Switzerland after departing from Uruguay, revealing that traffickers could be...

Northern Brazil Prison Massacre Suggests Shifting Criminal Dynamics

A gruesome prison massacre in northern Brazil has raised serious questions about potential shifts in criminal alliances in a highly strategic region of this South...

US Troops Tempted by Fast Money from Migrant Smuggling

The arrest of two US Marines on migrant smuggling charges raises concerns that criminal groups along the US-Mexico border are targeting the country's troops,...

Walled Inside Homes, Corpses of Mexico’s Disappeared Evade Authorities

Forensic examiners recovering bodies from mass graves in remote terrain has become commonplace during Mexico’s drug war, but criminal groups in Jalisco are making...

Have Cryptocurrencies Really Helped Venezuela Sidestep US Sanctions?

Venezuela is collecting airport taxes through an application that converts these funds into Bitcoin, demonstrating the country’s continuing use of...
Urabeños paramilitaries and ELN guerrillas clash in Chocó

Bitter Fight for Former FARC Areas Drives Surge in Colombia Homicides

Colombia’s homicide rate has risen for the first time in a decade, reflecting renewed conflicts between criminal groups in strategic areas of the country,...

Suspicious Venezuela Shipwreck Reveals Drug Route to Dutch Caribbean

The sinking of a small boat heading from Venezuela to Curaçao and the disappearance of all the migrants aboard suggest that drug trafficking groups are also...

Bolivia Forestry Officials Profit from Harvest of Illegal Wood

Officials within the agency entrusted with protecting Bolivia's forests falsified data and provided documents legitimizing the illegal harvesting of timber, a...

A Former Warlord is Back in Colombia, Will His Drug Trafficking Empire Follow?

Authorities in Colombia have arrested an infamous former paramilitary warlord after he returned to the Andean nation upon finishing his US prison sentence for drug...