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Colombia Continues to Bungle Assets Seized from Drug Traffickers

The discovery of a new corruption case linked to the handling of seized criminal assets in Colombia exposes the shortcomings of an institutional model that has not...

Brazilian Bank Slapped With Record Money Laundering Fine in Paraguay

Paraguayan authorities have announced historic sanctions against a major Brazilian bank in the latest case of Latin American governments cracking down on financial...

Yet Another Presidential Candidate in Honduras Accused of Embezzlement

Tegucigalpa mayor Nasry “Tito” Asfura -- who has announced he will run for president in Honduras' 2021 elections -- has been named in a government investigation...

Chinese Fishing Fleet Leaves Ecuador, Chile, Peru Scrambling to Respond

A new report suggests the Chinese fishing fleet that mass trawled just off Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands in recent months crossed the maritime boundary to fish...

From Sons to Ex-Wife, Corruption Scandals Plague Brazil President’s Family

The charges of embezzlement and money laundering faced by Flávio Bolsonaro may be the first severe crack in a corrupt edifice surrounding Brazil’s...
A cocaine laboratory in Honduras

Honduras Proves Fertile Ground for Coca

Authorities in Honduras have destroyed more than 100 acres of coca crops this year, showing that criminal groups continue to use the country...

How President Donald Trump Has Impacted Organized Crime in Latin America

When it comes to combating organized crime and drug trafficking, US President Donald Trump has chosen to strongarm his Latin American counterparts rather than...

Demand for Illegal Alcohol Claiming Hundreds of Lives Across Region

A sizeable seizure of adulterated rum shipped to Honduras from Europe reveals the extent to which black markets for alcohol in Latin America have expanded in...

InSight Crime – Ten Years of Investigating Organized Crime in the Americas

In early 2009, Steven Dudley was in Medellín, Colombia. His assignment: speak to a jailed paramilitary leader in the Itagui prison, just south of the city....

Mexico’s Poppy Farmers in Increasingly Dire Straits

Facing increased economic hardship, poppy-growing communities in southwest Mexico want to join a state program offering alternative projects, but this would only be...

Is Washington Taking Corruption in Guatemala Seriously Again?

In what appears to be a show of support from Washington for Guatemala’s anti-corruption fight, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the visa of Felipe...

Los Pachenca Seek New Sanctuary for Drug Operations at Colombia’s Tip

A 14-ton seizure of cocaine has exposed a trafficking network linking Colombian trafficking group Los Pachecna to a small smuggling organization on the La Guajira...