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Will Top US Prosecutor’s Ousting Impact Latin America Drug Cases?

The US Attorney General's surprise ousting of a top US prosector could potentially have repercussions on high-profile drug cases in Latin America, two of which...

State Intelligence and Organized Crime: An Old Relationship in Latin America

Investigations have revealed that Argentina's intelligence services under President Mauricio Macri allegedly bugged jail cells, engaged with criminals to ensnare...

US Offers Eye-Catching Rewards for Capture of Ex-FARC Mafia Leaders

A US reward of up to $20 million dollars for the capture of two key ex-FARC Mafia leaders raises questions about just why...
Former Honduras Congressman Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández, the brother of President Juan Orlando Hernández

Arrests Could Strengthen Links Between Tony Hernández and Sinaloa Cartel in Honduras

The recent arrests of two Guatemalan drug traffickers linked to Antonio “Tony” Hernández, a former Honduran congressman jailed for drug trafficking in the...

The Legacy of How Guatemala Destroyed its Own Anti-Corruption Crusade

In 2015 and 2016, anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala saw a ray of hope, as criminal investigations led to the resignation and incarceration of former president...

Gang Violence Increasingly Spreading to Women’s Prisons in Honduras

Deadly violence within female prisons in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador is rare. But a spate of recent murders in a Honduran prison appears to be a warning...

The Ongoing Trafficking and Killing of Venezuelan Women in Mexico

The rescue of three Venezuelan forced into sex trafficking in Mexico City has once again shone a spotlight on the ongoing violent treatment and deaths of Venezuelan...

Coronavirus Rattles Barrio 18 Structure in Guatemala

Police in Guatemala say the economic pressures stemming from the coronavirus lockdown are exacerbating internal divisions within the Barrio 18 street gang, a...

The Fall of Álex Saab, the Venezuelan Regime’s Trusted Money Man

With the arrest of Colombian businessman Álex Saab, Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro has lost a suspected international money launderer who authorities say...

Was Mexico Cartel Enforcer ‘La Barbie’ a US Informant?

New court documents allege that a top-level criminal enforcer in Mexico served as an informant prior to his arrest, but doubts remain about the level of cooperation...

4 Ways Microtraffickers are Getting Around Coronavirus Restrictions

Just like many legal enterprises trying to find ways to get their products to customers despite the pandemic, microtraffickers in Latin America have had to adjust...

Why the Jalisco Cartel Does Not Dominate Mexico’s Criminal Landscape

Media headlines and US indictments have confidently proclaimed the Jalisco Cartel to be  Mexico's dominant criminal group. But while it is certainly one of the...