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Argentina’s Evolving Role in the Global Arms Trade

While the seizure of hundreds of high-powered weapons in Argentina and a subsequent investigation offer fresh clues about criminal dynamics in the infamous border...

Chile Militarizes Drug War, Ignoring Dangerous Regional Precedent

The government of Chile has sent the army to its northern border in an effort to stop the influx of drugs feeding the country's growing domestic market -- a...

Bolivia Coca Growers Fight for Control of Legal Production

Violent tensions are flaring in Bolivia's capital between hostile factions of one of the country's coca growers’ unions, escalating a long-simmering conflict for...

Legal Loophole Allows Mexico Drug Lord Luxury Jail Conditions

One of Mexico’s richest drug lords lives in luxury in his prison cell, attended by a butler and a private chef, demonstrating that the country’s most...

Risks for Mexico’s Public Transport Workers Growing in 2019

Two public transport vehicles were robbed and then set ablaze in Mexico City due to the failure of workers to pay extortion fees, illustrating how public transport...
Authorities in Argentina seized several kilos of cocaine on their way to New Zealand

LatAm Drug Traffickers Take Aim at New Zealand, Australia

A series of small seizures in which Argentine cocaine smugglers sought to reach New Zealand provides evidence of the growing appeal of Pacific markets for Latin...

A Green Gold Rush: Potent Marijuana Big Business For Colombia Traffickers

While Colombia is known for its vast coca fields, the hillsides of its Cauca region are covered in another illicit crop: highly potent...

Prostitution Ring Highlights Vulnerability of Colombia Indigenous Communities

Colombia’s authorities have broken up a prostitution ring exploiting indigenous minors in the Amazonas department, the second human trafficking ring arrested this...

Costa Rica and Panama Find Joint Success in Tackling People Smuggling

Authorities in Panama and Costa Rica have dismantled an international human smuggling ring, highlighting the success of police cooperation in both countries’...

PCC-‘Ndrangheta, the International Criminal Alliance Flooding Europe with Cocaine

The recent arrests of two members of the ‘Ndrangheta in São Paulo have further highlighted the increasingly close partnership between the Italian mafia and...

Why Are More People Being Killed in Mexico in 2019?

With Mexico registering more murders in the first six months of 2019 than any year in recent history, its spiral of violence shows no signs of...

Venezuela Hides its Cocaine Behind Marijuana Seizures

Venezuela’s anti-narcotics agency reported that marijuana made up 80 percent of the country’s drug seizures in the first six months of 2019, contradicting...