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Brazil Eyes Extradition of Former Paraguay President for Money Laundering

In an unprecedented move, authorities in Brazil have requested the extradition of former Paraguay President Horacio Cartes to face money laundering charges related...

Gangs Launch Grenades at Shops in Zulia, Venezuela

In the northern Venezuela state home to the city of Maracaibo, gangs are taking an extremely violent measure against business owners who refuse to pay extortion:...

Bogotá Raid Shows Importance of Mexico Cartels for Colombian Coca

The dismantling of an international drug trafficking organization led by a powerful Mexican cartel is yet another example of how their money fuels much of...

Treasure, Corruption and Legal Machinations – Gerald’s Legacy in Ecuador

Gerald’s rise to becoming one of the most notorious drug traffickers Ecuador has produced to date was meteoric. But his fall has been just as dramatic, exposing...

Colombia Criminals Confuse Authorities with False Identities

A new investigation has revealed that dozens of high-level criminals in Colombia have  obtained false identities in order to stay ahead of...

Capture of Levi Felicio on the Brazil-Paraguay Border Raises Uncertainties

The recent arrest of a purported Brazilian criminal gang boss, as well as a number of collaborators, including police, along the Brazil-Paraguay border has revealed...
The police in the state of Buenos Aires has faced many corruption allegations

Narcops: How Police and Drug Dealers Collude in Argentina

On April 10, 2018 in the Argentine city of Rosario, a man named Ramón Ezequiel Machuca was sentenced to 37 years in prison. The indictment was hailed by...

Miami Professor, Crime Expert Charged with Money Laundering

A University of Miami professor and expert on organized crime in Latin America has been charged with laundering millions of dollars of illicit proceeds from...

Prisons in Paraguay Struggle to Combat Violence from Crack Epidemic

A brutal clash between two clans in a prison in Paraguay this year has shined light on the country’s consumption of crack, the drug that spurred the birth of the...

Will Prison Time End Guatemala Powerbrokers’ Political Influence?

A longtime influence peddler in Guatemala will spend just over four years in a US prison after pleading guilty to money laundering, but his tentacles of influence...

Human Trafficking Complaints Rise by 500 Percent in Chile

The dismantling of a sophisticated human trafficking network in Chile has drawn attention to the fact that reports of human trafficking have increased five-fold in...

How Mexico’s ‘Small Armies’ Came to Commit a Massacre

Two lesser-known criminal groups have grabbed headlines in recent weeks for their role in the brazen ambush and murder of women and children in northern Mexico, but...