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Amid Concerns Over FARC Peace Deal, Ecuador Stops Hosting ELN Talks

With concerns mounting over the aftermath of Colombia's peace deal with the FARC rebels, Ecuador's government has announced it will no longer host negotiations...

Spate of Murders in Brazil Shines Spotlight on Militia Phenomenon

A recent string of militia-linked murders in Brazil is sparking increased public discussion about the widespread presence and power of these criminal groups,...

Insecurity in Haiti Laid Groundwork for Trafficking Ring in Chile

Authorities in Chile have dismantled a transnational network that used travel agencies to traffic Haitian migrants, highlighting how push factors from Haiti and...

Honduras Finds Another Coca Farm in Organized Crime Stronghold

Authorities in Honduras recently discovered another coca farm in a traditional organized crime stronghold, further contributing to suspicions that criminal groups...

Colombia Ex-FARC Mafia Under Fire After Death of Kidnapped Journalists

Members of the ex-FARC mafia along the Colombia-Ecuador border are under heightened pressure from security forces in the wake of the killing of three Ecuadorean...

The Role of Music in the MS13

The Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) murders people, assaults people, takes over neighborhoods ... and makes...

Reality Belies El Salvador Govt Rhetoric on ‘Extraordinary Measures’

El Salvador officials boast that the use of “extraordinary measures” has improved security in the country. But this rhetoric contrasts with the real situation...

Corruption Plagues Implementation of Colombia-FARC Peace Deal

Funding for the implementation of Colombia's peace process with the FARC guerrilla group has come under increased scrutiny recently, with a series of accusations...
The FBI is offering $20 million for the arrest of Rafael Caro Quintero

FBI Names Mexico’s ‘Narco of Narcos’ to Top 10 Most Wanted List

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation just added one of Mexico's most legendary gangsters, Rafael Caro Quintero, to its list of most wanted fugitives. But 40 years...
Jesús Santrich was set to take one of the FARC's seats in congress

4 Troubling Takeaways From FARC Leader’s Arrest

The arrest of Seuxis Paucis Hernández Solarte, alias “Jesús Santrich,” has shaken the FARC party, tried the new peace courts, and implicated scores of other...

Mexico Security Firms Need Regulation to Prevent Criminality: Report

A new report suggests that as many as three-quarters of private security companies in Mexico may be operating off the books, limiting their ability to improve...

Leaders Beset by Graft Scandals to Talk Corruption at Regional Summit

The 2018 Summit of the Americas will likely see many uncomfortable conversions between nervous politicians -- and perhaps a heavy dose of hypocrisy -- thanks to the...