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Mexico-Australia Meth Connection Reveals Fresh Crime Dynamics

Mexico crime groups are targeting Australia, where high methamphetamine prices are attracting traffickers willing to negotiate the long and difficult journey with...

El Salvador Flirts with ‘Mano Dura’ Security Policies Again

The new administration of El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has already shown that it will adopt hard-line measures to combat the MS13 and Barrio 18 street...

Mexico Police Collude With Criminals to Kidnap, Extort Migrant

The recent kidnapping and sexual assault of a Honduran migrant woman sent from the United States to Mexico underscores the extreme...

Deadly Riot Shows Paraguay Prisons Unprepared for PCC Onslaught

Ten inmates in a Paraguay prison were killed by PCC gang members, in a brutal assault that makes clear that the small country’s penitentiary system...

Los Pachenca Leader Killed, Casting Doubt on Colombia Group’s Future

The killing of the principal leader of Colombia’s “Los Pachenca” criminal group, as well as high-level arrests within the group, is generating doubts about...

Venezuela Disease Outbreaks Reveal Criminal Migration to Illegal Gold Mines

Outbreaks of malaria and diphtheria in a region of Venezuela where these diseases are rare has revealed how armed groups are organizing a vast migration to illegal...

Illegal Mining Crackdown May Push Peru’s Former Miners to Coca, Timber

Authorities in Peru say they have successfully driven illegal gold mining out of the Amazon, but will other illegal economies take its...

Guatemala Impunity Report Shows Limits of Anti-Graft Body

The impunity rate in Guatemala increased last year even amid high-profile prosecutions by a heralded anti-graft body, laying clear the limitations of...

Pro-Government Guerrillas Mix Political, Criminal Interests in Venezuela

Pro-government guerrillas in Venezuela have begun training civilians in armed combat, showing the symbiotic relationship between embattled President...
Argentina's cocaine market is only second to the United States

Argentina Struggles to Kick Cocaine Habit: Report

A new report on drug consumption in the Americas once again lists Argentina as the country with the second highest rate of cocaine consumption per person, just...

What Are Guatemala Presidential Candidates Planning on Security?

Guatemala will head to the polls on June 16 to elect a new president, a decision that is sure to have profound implications for the nation’s domestic security and...

Urabeños Landmines are Guerrilla Tactic from Colombia’s Dark Past

The seizure of 563 anti-personnel landmines suspected of belonging to Los Urabeños has fueled speculation that the powerful Colombian drug trafficking organization...