Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime



In 1997, the paramilitary army began its bloody campaign across Colombia, supposedly to fight the... ReadLeer

The Ghost and His Paramilitary Army

The hunt for “Will the Ghost,” or “Memo Fantasma” had stalled once again. The name... ReadLeer

Hunting the Ghost: a Face and a Name

Drug traffickers today have realized that their best protection is not a private army, but rather... ReadLeer

‘The Invisibles’ of the Drug World

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The Invisible Drug Lord: Hunting ‘The Ghost’

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Chronicle of a Threat Foretold: the ex-FARC Mafia

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Colombia is at a crossroads. Several paths lay before it. One sees the ex-FARC mafia consigned to... ReadLeer
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The Future of the Ex-FARC Mafia

After 2002, under increasing pressure from security forces, the FARC moved much of their... ReadLeer
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Ex-FARC Mafia, Venezuela and the Current International Climate

With Colombia now producing more cocaine than ever before, the rise of illegal mining, as well as... ReadLeer
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The Criminal Portfolio of the Ex-FARC Mafia

In August 2019, the nature of the ex-FARC mafia changed from a localized nuisance to a national... ReadLeer
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The Tipping Point: Iván Márquez Deserts the Peace Process

Even before the signing of the 2016 peace agreement between the FARC and the Colombian government,... ReadLeer
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The Evolution of the Ex-FARC Mafia

There were always going to be dissident elements from the FARC, from those who were unconvinced by... ReadLeer
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Is Colombia Condemned to Repeat History?