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Miguel Botache Santillana, better known as "Gentil Duarte," is currently Colombia's most wanted... ReadLeer

Miguel Botache Santillana, alias ‘Gentil Duarte’

Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo Quinchía, alias “Pablito”, is a member of the... ReadLeer

Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo, alias ‘Pablito’

Géner García Molina, better known as "Jhon 40," is the one who connects the cocaine that leaves... ReadLeer

Géner García Molina, alias ‘Jhon 40’

The 1st Front dissidence is the most important of the criminal groups comprised of ex-members of... ReadLeer

1st Front Dissidence

Nestor Gregorio Vera Fernández, alias “Iván Mordisco,” is currently one of southern... ReadLeer

Néstor Gregorio Vera Fernández, alias ‘Iván Mordisco’

The Marxist rebel army of the FARC is gone, disbanded and reborn as a political party. But the... ReadLeer

Ex-FARC Mafia: The New Player in Colombian Organized Crime

Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias “Puntilla,” is a drug trafficker who controlled a criminal... ReadLeer

Óscar Mauricio Pachón, alias ‘Puntilla’

Martin Farfan Diaz Gonzalez, alias "Pijarbey" was a powerful criminal operative in Colombia's... ReadLeer

Martin Farfan Diaz Gonzalez, alias ‘Pijarbey’

The Libertadores del Vichada dominate the Eastern Plains
The Libertadores del Vichada are a splinter group of the Popular Revolutionary Anti-Terrorist Army... ReadLeer

Libertadores del Vichada

Marcos de Jesus Figueroa Garcia, alias "Marquitos," is a powerful underworld figure in Colombia's... ReadLeer

Marcos de Jesus Figueroa Garcia, alias ‘Marquitos’

Victor Ramon Navarro Serrano, alias "Megateo," led the only remaining faction of the EPL guerrilla... ReadLeer

Victor Navarro, alias ‘Megateo’

As the biggest irregular army in Colombia, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas... ReadLeer