Officials promote the "Get the Guns" campaign

Jamaica Boasts Gun Control Success but Security Challenges Remain

The government of Jamaica has announced a rise in seizures of illegal weapons as part of a long-running gun control initiative, however a more coordinated response...
Trinidad and Tobago's Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan

Trinidad and Tobago Gangs Extorting Public Works Projects

Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago say gangs are behind the rampant extortion of contractors carrying out public works projects, highlighting the many ways criminal...
Scene from a Trinidadian ISIS propaganda video

Trinidad Struggles to Stem Youth Recruiting by Gangs, Terror Groups

Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago are taking steps to stop young Muslims from leaving the country to join terrorist groups, highlighting the ongoing struggle the...
Inmates in one of Haiti's prisons

Haiti’s Hellish Prisons Symbolize Broken Justice System

A recent report by the Associated Press depicts hellish and lethal conditions suffered by inmates in Haiti's jails, providing further evidence that, like many...
The Bahamas has been experiencing a wave of violence

Authorities Blame Gangs for the Bahamas’ Bloody Start to 2017

A wave of gang-related murders in the Bahamas has forced the military onto the streets, a worrying development in a country where violence is reaching critical...
TSA agents screening luggage

Cocaine Trafficking Network Highlights Puerto Rico’s Role as Transit Point

Ten individuals -- including several airport officials -- have been arrested for trafficking 20 metric tons of cocaine from Puerto Rico to the United States since...
Former Lieutenant John Percival Matos who led the group of bank robbers

Ex-Military Bank Robbers in DR Highlight Security Force Corruption

The case of a group of bank robbers in the Dominican Republic headed by a former member of the military raises concerns about corruption and criminalization within...
Fisherman bringing their boat ashore on Venezuela’s Caribbean coast

Venezuela Economic Crisis Fueling Piracy on Caribbean Coast

Venezuela's dire economic situation is fueling piracy off the coastal state of Sucre, providing one example of the various illicit activities growing along the...
Guy Philippe, wanted by the DEA and the Haitian government, was recently elected senator in Haiti

Senator-elect in Haiti One of DEA’s Most Wanted

A Haitian sought by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for drug trafficking and money laundering was elected senator in his home country, an illustration...