Four PCC members captured in Paraguay

Paraguay Captures Members of Brazil’s PCC

Authorities in Paraguay have captured four members of a PCC cell operating on the country's eastern border with Brazil, reinforcing notions that the Brazilian...
PCC threats highlight World Cup security challenges

Brazil’s PCC Gang Threatens a ‘World Cup of Terror’

Brazilian prison gang the PCC has threatened to commit a series of attacks during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, highlighting both the complex security challenges...
PCC members during a prison protest

Brazil’s PCC Attempting to Enter Politics

Brazil's largest organized criminal group, the PCC, is attempting to establish political influence, in a sign of its continued development from its origins as a...
Police detain a man during disturbances in Santa Catarina

How Brazil World Cup May Boost Smaller Criminal Groups

Authorities in Brazil are concentrating public security on high-profile organized crime groups and in World Cup 2014 host states, providing an opportunity for...

First Capital Command – PCC

The First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital – PCC) was inspired by the Red Command (Comando Vermelho). Both criminal organizations were formed by...
Police arrest drug trafficking suspects in Bolivia

Bolivia DTO Bust Points to Brazil PCC’s Westward Spread

Bolivia anti-narcotics police have dismantled an alleged international drug trafficking ring they say was headed by the Brazilian prison gang, the First Capital...
Bus hit by a Molotov cocktail in Santa Catarina

Security U-Turn Over Mounting Violence in South Brazil

The governor of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina has called for reinforcements from the federal emergency police force FNS to deal with escalating violence...
A bus torched in Santa Catarina

Buses Burn in Outbreak of Violence South of São Paulo

Brazil's southern state of Santa Catarina has witnessed over 50 violent attacks during a six-day period, raising new concerns over whether prison gang the First...
Four Bolivian nationals arrested for arms trafficking

Bolivia Dismantles Gun Trafficking Ring

Bolivian authorities broke up a network suspected of smuggling guns from the United States to Brazil's First Capital Command (PCC) gang, highlighting this Andean...