Paraguay narco "Capilo" (left) alongside Brazil's "Pavao"

Career of Paraguay Crime Boss Highlights LatAm’s Changing Drug Trade

Criminal groups in Latin America's Southern Cone are increasingly focused on feeding the region's domestic market for drugs, rather than exporting cocaine overseas....
Hezbollah supporters in Brazil

Police Documents Reveal ‘Hezbollah Ties’ to Brazil’s PCC

Police documents reportedly revealed links between Hezbollah and a Brazilian prison gang, providing further fodder for claims that the Islamic militia group has...
The Santos port, where the cocaine was seized

Brazil’s PCC Gang Worked with Italian Mafia

Federal authorities in Brazil say they have identified a man who worked as a contact between Italy's 'Ndrangheta mafia and Brazil's PCC criminal group -- allegedly...
The site of the infamous Carandiru Massacre

From Black Serpents to PCC: A Brazil Gang Myth Turned Nightmare

Thirty years ago, an alleged criminal organization called the Black Serpents -- whose existence was never proven -- was used to justify the government’s decision...
Inmates and hostage on roof of Cascavel prison

Negotiating with Brazil’s Prison Gangs: Short-Term Fix, Long-Term Problem

A deadly riot in southern Brazil illustrates how inhumane prison conditions and powerful prison gangs create an explosive situation, which authorities are...
A family flees gang-security force clashes in Rio

Internal Displacement in Brazil: An Inconvenient Truth?

As Brazil works to project the image of a nation that is effectively addressing security challenges in its major cities, one important indicator -- internal...
A crack sales point in Rio de Janeiro

Inside the ‘Cracklands’ of Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas

Brazil is currently the second biggest consumer market for cocaine and its derivatives in the world, after the United States. Coca paste and crack are sold in bulk...
SENAD workers stand around a skull

Paraguay’s Marijuana Trade: The Bitter Green Smell of the Red Land

It is here that half of South America's marijuana is produced. There are narcos present in the elections, airplanes with Bolivian cocaine land on clandestine...
The tunnel discovered by authorities

Leaders of Brazil’s PCC Gang Fled to Paraguay: Police

Police in Paraguay say they believe high-ranking members of Brazil's PCC criminal organization have fled Brazilian justice and relocated to Paraguay to plan further...