Uruguay's port of Montevideo

Brazil Gang in Uruguay Shows Country’s Growing Role in Drug Trade

Drug traffickers from Brazil are using Uruguay, in particular its capital city and main port of Montevideo, as a transit point for international drug trafficking...
Brazil prisoners armed for battle (Source: YouTube)

Brazil Authorities Caught in Prison System’s Vicious Cycle

The current violent crisis inside Brazil's penitentiary system is a perfect illustration of why authorities ignore -- or militarize -- prisons at their own...
26 people died in Brazil's latest prison riot.

Latest Brazil Prison Riot Signals Emerging Security Crisis

A new round of violence in Brazil's prisons is reviving concerns that ongoing problems in the penitentiary system could have implications for the country's broader...
2017 will see new mutations in organized crime and new challenges for governments

GameChangers 2016: Red Flags for 2017

At the end of every year, InSight Crime looks into the crystal ball and predicts what the big criminal risks are likely to be during 2017. These are what we see as...
Cocaine smuggling routes from Peru to Brazil

Lucrative Cocaine Trade Fuels Gang Presence in Brazil’s Amazon

An official intelligence report determined that the Peru-to-Brazil cocaine trade is worth $4.5 billion each year, spurring the growth of national and local gangs in...
The Cadeia Pública Raimundo Vidal Pessoa where Brazil’s latest fatal prison riot took place

Brazil Starts New Year with Series of Brutal Prison Killings

Nearly 100 prisoners have been killed in Brazil since the start of the year, in a display of extreme violence reportedly spurred by a gang war unfolding in a...
President Dilma Rousseff was removed from obvious amid a widening corruption scandal

GameChangers 2016: Elites, Organized Crime and Political Firestorms

Welcome to InSight Crime's GameChangers 2016, where we highlight the most important trends in organized crime in the Americas. This year we put a spotlight on crime...
The acronyms of the warrying First Capital Command and the Red Command tagged on a wall.

Brazil’s Biggest Gang Challenging Rival’s Control in Rio

Police in Brazil intercepted gang communications suggesting the First Capital Command is expanding in the state of Rio de Janeiro, potentially paving the way for...
Detained human rights attorney Luiz Carlos dos Santos

Dozens of Brazil Lawyers Accused of Aiding Gang Activities

More than 30 lawyers in Brazil have been arrested for their alleged links to one of the country's most powerful prison gangs, raising difficult questions about the...