The Prosegur headquarters blasted open with explosives during the attack

Commando-Style Heist Plunges Paraguay Border Town Into Chaos

Paraguay's Ciudad del Este witnessed scenes reminiscent of war as several dozen heavily armed men undertook a sophisticated and lethal heist operation, which...
Authorities inspect the scene where a dismembered body was recently discovered

Is Gang War in Brazil Behind Recent Violence in Paraguay?

A recent spate of violence on the border between Brazil and Paraguay suggests a battle for control of drug trafficking routes in the area, but it remains unclear...
Jarvis Pavão, the jailed drug trafficker whose brother Ronny was recently murdered

Killing on Brazil-Paraguay Border Is Latest Sign of Narco War

The murder of a convicted drug kingpin's brother on the border between Brazil and Paraguay is the latest indication of an ongoing battle for control of lucrative...
Inmates on the roof of State Penitentiary of Alcacuz during a riot on January 16.

Who Is Really in Control of Brazil’s Prisons?

The legitimacy of the Brazilian prison system has come in for deep scrutiny following a series of violent encounters between rival gangs in the north of the...
A PCC prison riot in Sao Paulo

Brazil’s PCC is Recruiting FARC Dissidents: Colombia Defense Minister

Brazil's largest criminal organization is reportedly recruiting dissident FARC guerrillas in order to broaden its drug trafficking operations in the region, but the...
Uruguay's port of Montevideo

Brazil Gang in Uruguay Shows Country’s Growing Role in Drug Trade

Drug traffickers from Brazil are using Uruguay, in particular its capital city and main port of Montevideo, as a transit point for international drug trafficking...
Brazil prisoners armed for battle (Source: YouTube)

Brazil Authorities Caught in Prison System’s Vicious Cycle

The current violent crisis inside Brazil's penitentiary system is a perfect illustration of why authorities ignore -- or militarize -- prisons at their own...
26 people died in Brazil's latest prison riot.

Latest Brazil Prison Riot Signals Emerging Security Crisis

A new round of violence in Brazil's prisons is reviving concerns that ongoing problems in the penitentiary system could have implications for the country's broader...
2017 will see new mutations in organized crime and new challenges for governments

GameChangers 2016: Red Flags for 2017

At the end of every year, InSight Crime looks into the crystal ball and predicts what the big criminal risks are likely to be during 2017. These are what we see as...