The PCC gang is spreading beyond Sao Paulo

Could São Paulo Gang Spread Violence Across Brazil?

Brazilian police intelligence confirms that the PCC prison gang is expanding across the country from its São Paulo base, with members in two-thirds of the...
Antonio Ferreira Pinto, Sao Paulo security secretary

São Paulo Security Chief Stands Down Amid Wave of Violence

São Paulo's secretary for public security has resigned, following criticism of his handling of a wave of gang-police violence in the Brazilian...
PCC leader Francisco Antonio Cesario da Silva

‘Brazilian Prison Gang Infiltrated Police Explosives Training’

The Brazilian prison gang known as the First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital - PCC) reportedly infiltrated police training courses on explosives...
Police search residents in Paraisopolis favela, Sao Paulo

Could São Paulo Police-Gang War Spread South?

As murders spike in São Paulo and police face off with the powerful prison gang known as the PCC, there are signs that that the unrest might have spread south to...
Sao Paulo police officers

São Paulo to Combat Violence With Prisoner Transfer

Brazilian authorities plan to transfer jailed gang members who are believed to be directing the recent surge in violence from their cells in São Paulo state...
Police in Sao Paulo

São Paulo Sees Bloodiest Night with 20 Murders

Murders in the Brazilian city of São Paulo are surging, with 20 homicides in a 24-hour period this weekend, marking one of the most violent days of recent...
A PCC prison riot in Junqueiropolis, Sao Paulo

Brazil’s PCC Expanding Influence Throughout the Country

Brazilian prison gang the PCC have grown into one of the country's biggest criminal groups and have been pushing their operations beyond their traditional...

Govt: No Cartels but ‘Emissaries’ in Bolivia

According to Bolivia's top drug official, there are no drug cartels inside the Andean nation but there are representatives from Colombian and Brazilian criminal...

Paraguay Police on Trail of Brazil Gang Fugitives

Paraguayan police raided a ranch believed to have been used by a member of Brazilian drug gang the PCC, one of at least five who escaped from a prison close to the...