Members of a Peruvian gang captured in Bolivia

Bolivia Hunt for ‘Mega Gangs’ Highlights Foreign Criminal Presence

Authorities in Bolivia are going after five criminal "mega gangs" that include foreign members, underscoring the country's status as a destination for migrating...
A UPP post attacked in March 2014

Rising Attacks on Rio Police Bad Sign as Brazil World Cup Nears

Attacks on police units in Rio de Janeiro's "pacified" slums have increased amid some apparently coordinated efforts, in what represents a major concern for ongoing...

The Changing Face of São Paulo’s ‘Crackland’

After repeated failed efforts to rout the crack trade in São Paulo, the city is implementing an experimental new program which could provide a model for other...
Ecstasy lab in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Paraguay’s First Ecstasy Lab Shows Brazil Criminal Migration

Authorities in Paraguay have discovered the country's first reported ecstacy laboratory, in a case that highlights both the increasing popularity of synthetic drugs...
Brazil's Port of Santos

Massive Cocaine Seizure in Brazil Port Sign of PCC’s Influence

Authorities in Brazil have attributed nearly four tons of internationally destined cocaine seized in a major port to the PCC criminal group, in a further sign of...

Brazil’s Scramble To Fight Prison Gang Reveals Strategy’s Limitations

In recent months, the São Paulo state government has been attempting an almost Herculean task: limiting the power of Brazil's largest prison gang, the First...
Much of the First Capital Command's income comes from drugs

Brazil’s PCC Gang Earns At Least $2.5 Mn a Month

The PCC, one of Brazil's two major prison gangs, earns at least $2.5 million a month from various criminal activities, making it now, arguably, the most powerful...
PCC members have threatened violence in the World Cup

Why São Paulo’s Crackdown on PCC Will Face Problems

São Paulo's state government is rolling out new measures to combat Brazil's PCC prison gang, but there are reasons to doubt the group can be...
Four PCC members captured in Paraguay

Paraguay Captures Members of Brazil’s PCC

Authorities in Paraguay have captured four members of a PCC cell operating on the country's eastern border with Brazil, reinforcing notions that the Brazilian...