Coca leaves

UN Reports Small Decrease in Bolivia Coca Cultivation

Coca cultivation in Bolivia has reached its lowest levels since United Nations monitoring began in 2003, moving the country closer to policy makers' de facto cap on...
cocaine consumption in South America booms

Surging South America Cocaine Use a Market Boom for Crime Networks

Growth of cocaine use in South America is outpacing any other region in the world and creating an emerging market boom for organized crime groups that are...
Officials sign an agreement to open a joint police intelligence center

Brazil, Bolivia Gang Up on International Drug Ring

Authorities in Brazil and Bolivia carried out a joint operation against a group suspected of international drug trafficking in the latest sign of increasing law...

Bolivia Profile

One of Latin America's most impoverished nations, Bolivia is the world's third largest producer of coca after Colombia and Peru, and a key transit point for drugs....
Bolivia has found over 1,000 "narco-strips" in the last three years

Over 1,000 ‘Drug Strips’ Linked to Bolivia-Peru Air Bridge

Anti-narcotics agents report finding more than 1,000 clandestine landing strips in Bolivia over the past three years, illustrating the country's important role in...

Bolivia President’s Ex-Girlfriend Accused of Leading Mafia

Government officials in Bolivia have accused the former mistress of President Evo Morales of corruption, extortion and racketeering, as Bolivia becomes the latest...
Bolivia's Interior Minister Carlos Romero

Bolivia Maps Gang Presence

Security officials in Bolivia have created a database of where the country's gangs operate as part of a broader push to reduce crime and violence in the Andean...
Bolivia's bishops have published a letter implicating the government in drug trafficking

Bolivia Church Clashes With Govt in Scathing Attack on Drug Corruption

A pastoral letter by members of Bolivia's Catholic Church has spoken out against drug trafficking and consumption in the country, controversially laying part of the...
The FELN has seized nearly 70 tons of drugs in 2016

Scandal-Plagued Bolivia Trumpets Drug Seizure Figures

Bolivia's government has touted an increase in drug seizures as a sign of improving interdiction capabilities, while an ongoing scandal involving President Evo...