Bolivia’s Attorney General Ramiro Guerrero.

Dozens of Bolivia Prosecutors Dismissed for Corruption

Authorities in Bolivia say they have dismissed 60 prosecutors for corruption this year, a sign that corruption endures within the judiciary despite government...
Bolivia's prisons are extremely overcrowded

Report Highlights Overcrowding, Other Problems in Bolivia Prisons

A new report details some of the problems facing Bolivia's prison system, and examines some of the challenges policy makers have confronted in their efforts to...
Estimates on Bolivia's cocaine production could be misleading

Challenging the Cocaine Figures, Part I: Bolivia

Recent statistics from Bolivia provide mixed outlooks on how much cocaine the country is producing. InSight Crime takes a look at how the figures do not always...
A Pucará fighter from Argentina’s diminished air force.

Drug Flights Cross From Bolivia to Argentina Daily: Officials

Argentine authorities claim that an average of 40 drug flights departing from Bolivia cross the border every month, an estimate that may be colored by political...
Presidential Determination on Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for Fiscal Year 2017

US Singles Out Bolivia, Venezuela Counternarcotics Failures

US President Barack Obama has once again named mostly Latin American countries as being those most responsible for drug trafficking or production and has singled...
The border crossing into La Quiaca, Argentina

Bolivian Children Sold for $300 on Argentina Border

A recent investigation provides insight into the human trafficking networks operating along the border between Bolivia and Argentina, where children have been sold...
Hundreds of jaguar's teeth have been seized in Bolivia

Chinese Smugglers Driving Up Jaguar Killings in Bolivia

The trafficking of jaguar teeth from Bolivia's natural parks to China has sparked worries that Asian smugglers are boosting this illegal...

Can Radar Shut Down the Bolivia Cocaine Air Bridge?

The government in Bolivia has finalized a contract for an advanced nationwide radar system, but doubts remain as to whether this alone will be enough to halt the...
House where the precursors where seized. Photo c/o National Gendarmerie

Argentina Seizes 80 Tons of Precursors Along Bolivia Border

Authorities in Argentina seized a massive 80-ton shipment of precursor chemicals used to make cocaine just meters from the Bolivian border, highlighting the...