The Honduras island of Roatan

Narco-Islands: The Honduras-Belize Tourist Bridge

Islands off the coasts of Honduras and Belize, two of the poorest Central American nations, offer drug traffickers respite and a ready-made labor force to move...
Belize free trade zone Corozal is a contraband hub

Belize Free Trade Zone Emerges as Cigarette Smuggling Hub

A free trade zone in Belize's Corozal district has become a hub for the regional contraband cigarette trade, highlighting both Belize's role in regional smuggling...
Gang member in Belize City

Money Runs Out for Belize Gang Truce

The Belize government, struggling to meet national debt payments, has ended its controversial gang truce program, a measure almost certain to result in increased...
Belize police in training

Belize On Track for Record Murder Year

Belize has reportedly registered 124 homicides between January and November, putting the sparsely populated Central America nation on track for its most...
The leaders of Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize (l-r)

LatAm Leaders Call for Analysis of US Marijuana Legalization Initiatives

In a sign of increasing discontent with the dominant anti-drug strategy in the hemisphere, the heads of state of three Central American countries and Mexico have...
Allaboun illegally obtained a Belizean passport in less than three days

Hezbollah Suspect Obtained Fake Belize IDs in 72 Hours

Preliminary investigations have revealed that terrorist suspect, Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, managed to obtain valid Belizean documentation within the span of...
Belize military personnel

Mexico, Belize Meet to Discuss Border Security

Mexican and Belize officials have begun a two day meeting to discuss ways to combat transnational organized crime, an increasing concern for Belize, a country that...

US Treasury Blacklists ‘Sinaloa Cartel Contact’ in Belize

The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced that it was imposing new sanctions against a trio of alleged drug traffickers based...

Are Salvadoran ‘Maras’ Infiltrating Belize?

El Salvador's "mara" gangs may be moving into Belize, according to reports, with both the MS-13 and Barrio 18 having a presence in the capital of the tiny Caribbean...