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Juan Carlos Monzón was in South Korea when his boss, Guatemala’s Vice President Roxana Baldetti,... ReadLeer
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Guatemala Politics and the Patriotic Party’s Theory of ‘Eternal Return’

In the first of three articles concerning illicit political contributions in Guatemala, we look at... ReadLeer
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The Zetas, Drug Money and the Colom Campaign in Guatemala

Amid an increasingly tense political environment, María Consuelo Porras will become Guatemala’s... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

3 Ways to Measure Guatemala’s New Attorney General

Less than 48 hours before a new attorney general takes office, prosecutors in Guatemala have added... ReadLeer
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Guatemala Accusations Amp Up Tensions Between Presidency, AG’s Office

In a move that could imperil anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala, US Senator Marco Rubio said he... ReadLeer
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US Senator Injects Uncertainty Into Guatemala Anti-Corruption Fight

The death of a key ally, an uncertain future for his political party and abuses by his interior... ReadLeer
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Guatemala President’s New Attack on Anti-Graft Body Hits Obstacles

The FARC's demobilization will breed a new political party.
Colombia's peace agreement with the FARC grants the guerrillas 10 congressional seats in 2018, but... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Political Future for Colombia’s FARC Resides in Local Positions

Cell phone theft is now a transnational crime
The Latin American trade in purloined cell phones has evolved from common street crime into a... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Breaking Down LatAm’s Lucrative Trade in Stolen Cell Phones

Half ton of cocaine seized in Greek port Piraeus
A recent report highlights key changes in Europe's drug market, including the diversification of... ReadLeer
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Report Tracks New Cocaine Routes into Europe