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Within the span of a week, cocaine was discovered in two separate maritime cargo containers bound... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Libya, North Africa Emerge As Cocaine Transit Hubs

An Israeli national suspected of ties to Japanese and Israeli mafia groups has been accused of... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Middleman Linked Colombian Gangs with Israeli, Japanese Mafia

The assassination of Albanian national Adriatik Tresa inside his luxury property in Ecuador has... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Albanian Mafia Leaves Trail of Blood in Ecuador

A surge in cattle and horse rustling is plaguing ranchers along the Uruguay-Brazil border, but a... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Uruguay Cracking Down on Cattle Rustling from Brazil

A series of unusual and contrasting seizures of rare fauna in the Mexico City area have raised... ReadLeer
/ Environmental Crime

Mexico City’s Roaring Trade in Wildlife Trafficking

Venezuela has long been known as a strategic rearguard for Colombia guerrilla groups. Yet 2020 saw... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

GameChangers 2020: Tren de Aragua and the Exportation of Venezuelan Organized Crime

A rush of drug plane traffic from South America, coupled with traffickers smuggling large cocaine... ReadLeer
/ Cachiros

GameChangers 2020: The Resurgence of the Central American Cocaine Highway

In a region where 50 percent of the population already makes its living in the informal market, it... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

GameChangers 2020: How Black Markets Became the New Normal

President-elect Joe Biden has a chance to reset the table on US-Latin American relations, but the... ReadLeer
/ Coca

GameChangers 2020: Conflicting US Approach to Latin America Organized Crime

Welcome to InSight Crime’s Criminal GameChangers 2020, where we highlight the most... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

GameChangers 2020:  How Organized Crime Survived the Pandemic

An ongoing gang war in Ecuador’s prisons has made 2020 the bloodiest year on record for inmates,... ReadLeer
/ Contraband

Proxy Gang Wars Fuel Record Homicides in Ecuador’s Prisons

The world’s biggest oil trading firm faces a large fine after a multi-country investigation... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Major Oil Trader Fined for Bribes Across Latin America