Police present Mi Sangre to Argentine press after his capture

‘Mi Sangre’ Previously Arrested, Released in Argentina

New details have emerged about the capture of Urabeños leader Henry de Jesus Lopez, alias "Mi Sangre," in Buenos Aires, including the fact that Argentine...
An illegal landing strip in Catamarca, Argentina

Uruguay, Argentina to Monitor Drug Flights

The governments of Uruguay and Argentina have signed an agreement to jointly monitor drug flights to try to stem the amount of drugs brought in via illicit flights...
Former Santa Fe police commissioner Hugo Tognoli

Ousting of Police Chief Highlights Argentina’s Vulnerability to Organized Crime

Evidence of police corruption in northern Argentina illustrates how vulnerable the country is to organized crime, as domestic demand for cocaine rises and the...
AFIP agents displaying the July seizure to local press

Argentine Customs Seize 40% More Cocaine in 2012

Customs officials in Argentina have seized 40 percent more cocaine so far this year when compared to the same period in 2011, illustrating the country's increasing...
Argentine agents dismantle drug trafficking ring

Argentina Drug Bust Underscores Paraguay’s Role in Narcotics Trade

The dismantling of an Argentine-Paraguayan drug trafficking network that smuggled marijuana and cocaine for the Buenos Aires market highlights Paraguay's importance...

Argentina Rescues 700 from Human Traffickers in 7 Months

Argentine authorities have rescued more than 700 people from human trafficking networks since the start of 2012, according to a report released by the country’s...

Argentina Seizes Over $1Mn of Crystal Meth

Argentine police broke up a crystal methamphetamine trafficking ring and seized over $1 million-worth of the drug, suggesting that the country could be becoming a...

Inside Argentina’s Lawless Border Crossing with Bolivia

In the town of Salvador Mazza, northern Argentina, drug traffickers cross the nearby border with Bolivia with ease, reportedly bringing in between 80 and 90 percent...

Argentine Military Guns Missing, Pointing to Brazil Connection

Argentina's Armed Forces have lost track of more than 400 firearms in the past two years, according to a government report, in evidence that military stockpiles may...