Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime

The Hunt for ‘Wilexis’ – Manufactured Mayhem in Petare, Venezuela

A complex game of cat-and-mouse has unfolded over the last two weeks in one of Caracas’s most infamous neighborhoods, revealing how the Maduro regime tries to manipulate gang rivalries to maintain... Read more

US Indictment Claims Venezuelan Politician Linked to Hezbollah, Hamas

US authorities have indicted a former Venezuelan congressman for serving as a go-between for...

Cocaine Seizures Expose Flaws at Guatemala, Honduras Ports

The discovery of large amounts of cocaine in cargo shipped from Honduran and Guatemalan ports has...

As Officer Murders Soar, Identity Crisis Plagues Mexico’s Local...

Two municipal police officers, Omar Nieves and Noemí Esperanza, were on routine patrol, sitting in...

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