Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime
US authorities announced drug-related charges on January 18 against 104 alleged members of a Puerto... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Takedown of Puerto Rico Crime Group Could Spur Struggle to Fill Power Vacuum

Major cocaine seizures in Spain, Portugal and Ecuador illustrate the European cocaine pipeline that... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

European Cocaine Seizures Hint at New Possibilities for Colombia Traffickers

Authorities in the United States have charged a Honduran congressman with drug trafficking and... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

US Authorities Charge Honduran Congressman With Drug Trafficking

Paraguay’s main guerrilla group has displaced hundreds of Mennonite families from an area not... ReadLeer

Is Paraguay’s EPP Expanding Role in Marijuana Trade?

Record highs, all-time lows, and a few surprises -- 2017 proved a remarkable year in terms of... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

InSight Crime’s 2017 Homicide Round-Up

A new journalistic investigation reveals the inner workings of Miami’s dirty gold trade, which... ReadLeer
/ Gold

Investigation Highlights Miami’s Role in Turning ‘Dirty Gold’ Into ‘Clean Cash’

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