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A New Inquiry, A Mea Culpa and Another Possible Crisis in Guatemala

In an extraordinary admission of wrongdoing that could upend a process to select the new attorney general, Guatemala’s most powerful elites issued a statement apologizing for transgressions during... Read more

Guatemala Attorney General Nominations Threaten Anti-Graft Efforts

A controversial commission has selected the final candidates for Guatemala's next attorney general,...

Amid Concerns Over FARC Peace Deal, Ecuador Stops Hosting ELN Talks

With concerns mounting over the aftermath of Colombia's peace deal with the FARC rebels, Ecuador's...

Spate of Murders in Brazil Shines Spotlight on Militia Phenomenon

A recent string of militia-linked murders in Brazil is sparking increased public discussion about...

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Guatemala is on the verge of electing a new attorney general. The first filter in the selection process is the postulation commission, made up primarily of the deans from the country’s 12 law... Read more
The Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) is one of the world’s largest and arguably most violent street gangs. After relatively humble beginnings in Los Angeles in the 1980s, it has spread to more than a... Read more
Dany Balmore Romero García was sitting in class at a vocational college in El Salvador when he got a message from a friend. On the news, they were saying the US Treasury Department had included him... Read more
On December 13, 2015, MS13 gang leader Edwin Mancía Flores, alias “Shugar,” made a phone call from a prison in El Salvador. On the other end of the line was José Martínez Castro, alias... Read more

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