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Venezuela's social conflict and violence may be even more complicated a week after the failed... ReadLeer
/ Cartel de los Soles

Failed Venezuela Uprising Benefits Armed and Criminal Groups

Authorities have arrested two prominent drug traffickers in Peru’s largest coca-producing region... ReadLeer
/ Coca

High-Profile Arrests Won’t Stem Cocaine Production in Peru’s VRAEM

A Colombian soldier recently killed a demobilized FARC member in a reintegration camp, adding to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Extrajudicial Killing Dims Hopes for Colombia’s Demobilized FARC

Despite a steep drop in their overall value over the last 18 months and a raft of interdictions by... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Latin America Lacks Regional Strategy to Halt Bitcoin Money Laundering

A new investigation by Colombia's Attorney General's Office has revealed a potential stain on... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia AG Says Gold Trader Created Fake Miners to Launder Millions

A recent shootout at the main border crossing between Colombia and Venezuela and the killing of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

EPL, Rastrojos Behind Rising Violence in Venezuela Border State of Táchira

A number of whistleblowers in the Odebrecht corruption scandal have died under mysterious... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Mysterious Deaths, Threats and Skulduggery Surround Odebrecht Investigation

A new criminal group in Costa Rica, Los Moreco, is causing concern as their tactics, reach and... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Los Moreco, Worrying New Type of Criminal Group for Costa Rica

A bumper seizure of ketamine bottles in Costa Rica shows evidence that the Central American Country... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Costa Rica Sees Growing Demand for Ketamine, Synthetic Drugs

Hernán Darío Velásquez, better known as 'El Paisa,' was a top former leader of the Revolutionary... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Hernán Darío Velásquez Saldarriaga, alias ‘El Paisa’

An initiative to create an artificial intelligence system that analyzes massive amounts of data to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Will an Algorithm Help Colombia Predict Crime?

A number of high-ranking police officials in Bolivia have been arrested for their suspected links... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

High-Ranking Bolivia Police Gave Protection to Wanted Drug Trafficker