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Presidential elections in the two countries at the heart of Latin America's drug trade both brought... ReadLeer
/ Coca

GameChangers 2018: Political Shifts in Colombia, Mexico Cloud Outlook 

Drug traffickers are recruiting women by the hundreds to transport drugs from Bolivia to feed... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

The Expendables: The Weakest Links in the Drug Trafficking Chain

InSight Crime's 2018 Criminal GameChangers
Welcome to InSight Crime’s Criminal GameChangers 2018, where we highlight the most important... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

GameChangers 2018: The Year Crime Became an Ideology

The first MS13 and Barrio 18 gang members to arrive in El Salvador were deported from the United... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Who Taught the MS13 Politics?

It has been years since Laura stopped counting the dead. “We just let them pass through now,”... ReadLeer
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Solving Mexico Homicide Backlog Could Take 124 Years