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The killing of four people in Jamundí, Valle del Cauca, may have been the EPL’s way of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

EPL Muscles in on El Naya Drug Corridor in West Colombia

With a worsening crisis in Venezuela, dark days in Nicaragua, an ever more fragile peace process in... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

InSight Crime’s 2018 Homicide Round-Up

Increased pirate attacks in the waters between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela show that criminal... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Pirates Control Ocean Between Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago

El Salvador ended 2018 on a good note, according to official homicide statistics, but a recent... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Homicides Thrust MS13 Back Into Official Discourse

Walter Patricio Arizala, alias “Guacho,” was one of the most wanted criminals in both Colombia... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Walter Patricio Arizala, alias “Guacho”

A string of brazen homicides in Puerto Rico, some in broad daylight, has shocked residents and... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Wave of Killings Showcase Puerto Rico’s Ongoing Weakened Security

Members of Venezuela’s political police detained and later freed the country’s new president of... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Arrest of Venezuela’s New Political Star Potential Misstep by Police

Fragmentation has come to define Mexico’s criminal landscape as the days of monolithic drug... ReadLeer
/ Jalisco Cartel

Fragmentation: The Violent Tailspin of Mexico’s Dominant Cartels

Authorities in Honduras have touted a decline in homicides recently, but a series of massacres to... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

New Year’s Bloodshed Casts Doubt on Honduras Security Gains

Tourism agencies and taxi cooperatives are the newest fronts being used to hide migrants smuggling... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Shadow Tourism Industry Smuggles Migrants from Venezuela to Colombia

A crackdown on oil theft has seen the president of Mexico stop major fuel pipelines,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Oil Thieves Convenient Scapegoats for Mexico’s Gasoline Shortages

It is hard to be optimistic for 2019. The current trends all point to a strengthening of organized... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

GameChangers 2018: 5 Reasons LatAm Organized Crime Will Strengthen in 2019