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The dismantling of a sophisticated human trafficking network in Chile has drawn attention to the... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Human Trafficking Complaints Rise in Chile

Two lesser-known criminal groups have grabbed headlines in recent weeks for their role in the... ReadLeer
/ Juarez Cartel

How Mexico’s ‘Small Armies’ Came to Commit a Massacre

While the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel has faced the brunt of the Mexican government’s war against... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Mexico’s Oil Thieves Have Moved Into Extortion in Guanajuato

Three years ago, a massive police operation swept through the Bronx, a small neighborhood at the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Microtrafficking Getting Worse in Outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia

Authorities in Argentina dismantled an organization whose leader operated from inside a prison in Rosario
Authorities in Argentina dismantled a drug trafficking organization whose leader operated from... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina’s Piñero Prison Becoming Increasing Organized Crime Hotspot

The June 2019 massacre of 13 Rotela Clan members by PCC inmates at the San Pedro prison in Paraguay... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay

Overcrowded, Too Few Guards and Easy Access to Drugs in Paraguay’s Most Crowded Prison

A massive flow of smuggled fuel from Ecuador into Colombia is benefiting drug traffickers who use... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Smuggled Ecuador Gas Fuels Colombia Cocaine Production

Authorities dismantled a transnational human smuggling ring that brought migrants from South Asia... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Human Smuggling from Asia to Latin America On Rise

Female members of a cell of Brazil’s violent PCC prison gang ordered and carried out the killing... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Women in Brazil PCC Cell Take Part in Planning Killings

Destruction of wildlife spurred by illegal fishing in the Ciénaga de Simití swampland in the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Illegal Fishing Threatens Food Security in Bolívar, Colombia

rebel ex farc
Colombia is at a crossroads. Several paths lay before it. One sees the ex-FARC mafia consigned to... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The Future of the Ex-FARC Mafia

After 2002, under increasing pressure from security forces, the FARC moved much of their... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Ex-FARC Mafia, Venezuela and the Current International Climate