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Argentina has struggled with soccer violence for many years
The troubled road that led to one of Latin America's most anticipated soccer finals being moved to... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Why Can’t Argentina Control Its ‘Barras Bravas’?

Authorities in Colombia process the dirty money uncovered in the operation
Authorities in Colombia dismantled several international money laundering organizations that... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Drug Mules Swallowing Dirty Money for Transport

With migrants fleeing murder and violence in caravans and the evident flop of repressive policies... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Gang Prevention in Central America: A Lost Battle Against State Indifference?

In its fourth season, "Narcos: Mexico" has left Colombia's underworld to zoom in on the country... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

‘Narcos Mexico’: Netflix’s Clues About Today’s Criminal World

Venezuelan authorities seized six major drug shipments during the month of November in the eastern... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela

Venezuela Coastal State Could Be Hot New Drug Trafficking Route

The composition of Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro’s national security team has... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

New Brazil Cabinet Sets Up Tug of War Between Military and Judiciary

Colombia authorities have dismantled a network of traffickers who hid the synthetic drug ketamine... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Sees Booming Market for Synthetic Drugs at Home and Abroad

Few topics seem to be gaining as much traction, or courting as much controversy, across the... ReadLeer
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‘Drug regulation must be tackled at the regional level’: Ricardo Lagos