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A recent report argues that the anti-graft body CICIG directly contributed to a drop in killings in... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Is Anti-Graft Body CICIG Behind Guatemala Homicides Drop?

Relying on a formula that has become an entertainment industry darling, Netflix has once again... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Netflix’s Cocaine Coast: Drugs, Spain and Central America

Criminal groups called colectivos are operating in Venezuela’s main mining state
Three violent events in less than two weeks attributed to pro-government criminal groups in... ReadLeer
/ Colectivos

Armed Groups Spread Crime and Chaos in Venezuela Mining Region

Mexico’s state-owned oil company has begun training and arming its security staff, a risky... ReadLeer
/ Jalisco Cartel

Arming Mexico Oil Company Staff is Risky Business

El Salvador is going to select a new Attorney General
Several candidates for Attorney General in El Salvador, as well as some of the deputies responsible... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Alleged Corruption Plagues Selection of El Salvador‘s Top Prosecutor

Even under the best of circumstances, there are few incentives to become a cooperating witness in... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

For Informant, a Treacherous Road to Justice in El Salvador

Defense lawyers for former Sinaloa Cartel kingpin “El Chapo” have alleged that two of... ReadLeer
/ El Chapo

‘El Chapo’ Defense Puts Spotlight on Alleged Mexico Corruption

Leading academics, researchers, and journalists dedicated to the study of organized crime around... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Defining Organized Crime: A Primer (and a Friendly Kerfuffle)

The launch of a new registry detailing thousands of corrupt officers removed from Argentina’s... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Can a New Database Help Tackle Argentina Police Corruption?

Recent ELN attacks against the Venezuela military in the state of Amazonas and civilian miners in... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

ELN Now Present in Half of Venezuela

A caravan of Central American migrants traveling to the United States has changed its intended... ReadLeer
/ Kidnapping

Migrant Caravan in Mexico Changes Course, but Dangers Still Lurk

A new report from Mexico’s statistics institute provides fresh evidence that the nation’s... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Majority of Businesses Hurt by Crime in Mexico: Report