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Authorities in Colombia are responding to a recent wave of violence in Medellín with large-scale... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

As Medellín Violence Spikes, Security Force Response Raises Worries

Guatemala President Jimmy Morales has chosen a new attorney general who is widely expected to... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

A New Guatemala Attorney General Brings New Concerns

The US arrest of a man with family ties to one of Honduras’ largest government institutions is a... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

US Arrests Honduras Elite for Allegedly Laundering Corruption Proceeds

On May 15, 2017, Javier Valdez Cárdenas was walking towards his car in his hometown of Culiacán... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Mexico, Deadliest Place for Media, Advances Journalist’s Murder Case

Photographer Carlos Villalon has captured the cocaine trade, the most infamous value chain on the... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Coca, Cocaine and Guerrillas: Capturing the ‘Lost War’

The gruesome killing of three students in the state of Jalisco has raised fresh questions about... ReadLeer
/ Guerreros Unidos

Gruesome Killing of Mexico Students a Reminder of Ayotzinapa Mistakes

The death of a key ally, an uncertain future for his political party and abuses by his interior... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Guatemala President’s New Attack on Anti-Graft Body Hits Obstacles

Relatives of a prominent MS13 leader in El Salvador were arrested on allegations that they received... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

MS13 Leader’s Relatives Swept Up in El Salvador Anti-Drug Operation

Former judge Claudia Escobar was one of 29 candidates for attorney general in Guatemala, but... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Guatemala Attorney General Candidate Says Selection Process Is Flawed