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Violence erupted across Colombia following the end of a temporary ceasefire with the country's... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Wave of Violence Strikes Colombia After ELN Ceasefire Ends

US authorities have issued new security warnings for individuals traveling to several Latin... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Latin America Security Warnings for US Travelers Point to Flawed Policies

Reporting by InSight Crime in 2017 revealed how organized crime managed to infiltrate local... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

GameChangers 2017: Local Politics, Organized Crime’s New Power Base in Latin America

A process to select members of a commission that will help choose Guatemala’s next attorney... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Political Manipulation Could Taint Selection of Guatemala’s Next Attorney General

This year, InSight Crime put a special focus on how prisons in Latin America interact with... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

GameChangers 2017: The Long Road to Prison Reform in Latin America

The arrest of a Mexican drug lord in Brazil sheds new light on the international operations of one... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Mexico Drug Lord’s Brazil Arrest Sheds Light on Regional Anti-Crime Cooperation

The government of Colombia has deployed thousands of troops to one of the country’s most hotly... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Deploys Troops to Tumaco as ELN Ceasefire Ends

Latin America’s criminal landscape continued to evolve this year, driven by the ongoing record... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

GameChangers 2017: Drug Trade Dynamics Shape Latin America’s Criminal Landscape

A new report says that shifting economic and social conditions in Cuba will likely force the... ReadLeer
/ Cuba

Socioeconomic Shifts Could Challenge Cuba Drug Policy: Report

A new war between Brazil’s two biggest crime groups has contributed to escalating violence across... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

GameChangers 2017: Government and Gangs Battle for Brazil

President Donald Trump’s approach to US security policy in Latin America has flailed during his... ReadLeer
/ Coca

GameChangers 2017: Trump Stumbles on Latin America Security

When US President Donald Trump put the MS13 gang at the center of his domestic security narrative... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

GameChangers 2017: Trump Battles MS13 With Lies, Half-Truths and Recycled Policies