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Alias "Camilo"
A Colombian drug trafficker offered juicy details on his work during a remarkable interview that... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Tell-All Interview Exposes Details of Colombia’s Cocaine Trade

Grafitti in El Salvador
In our November 2 Facebook Live session, senior investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos and senior... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Weekly InSight: Special Investigation of Gangs and Municipal Power in Apopa, El Salvador

Stories such as that of the former mayor of the El Salvador municipality of Apopa, José Elías... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Symbiosis: Gangs and Municipal Power in Apopa, El Salvador

El Salvador Police Chief Howard Cotto warns of gangs' infiltration of local politics
El Salvador Police Chief Howard Cotto warned that gangs plan to infiltrate local politics by... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Police Chief Warns of Gang Infiltration in Municipal Elections

Michoacán state is the world leader in avocado production
A new report suggests that two organized crime groups in Mexico initially funded their criminal... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

Powerful Mexico Crime Groups Grew by Extorting Avocado Trade: Report

Murdered Honduran activist Berta Cáceres
A new report has determined that a network of senior business executives and Honduran officials... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Berta Cáceres Murder Report Underscores Criminal Ties of Honduras Business, State