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Former Honduras President Porfirio Lobo
While Honduran drug traffickers testify in US courts about their ties with the country's political... ReadLeer
/ Cachiros

‘Organized Crime Permeates Society’ in Honduras: Presidential Advisor

The Swiss town of Morges, where Enrique Raís has fled
A journalistic investigation has revealed that Enrique Rais, a fugitive from corruption charges in... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Fugitive Tycoon Hiding Out in Switzerland: Report

Former FARC fighters are deserting the peace process and returning to crime
The Colombian government has released estimates indicating that only a small percentage of former... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Is Colombia Underestimating the Scale of FARC Dissidence?

Ecuador's police force is one of the region's most trusted
In Ecuador and Chile, two of Latin America's most trusted police institutions have been hit by... ReadLeer
/ Chile

Police Corruption Scandals Hit Well-Regarded Forces in Ecuador, Chile

Venezuela's gubernatorial elections results have been met with fraud allegations
Venezuela's ruling party has reportedly won a majority of governorships throughout the country in a... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The Big Winner in Venezuela Elections? Organized Crime

A former Barrio 18 gang member
Around 85 percent of gang members in El Salvador have thought about distancing themselves from gang... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Why It’s So Hard to Leave El Salvador’s Gangs: An Interview With José Miguel Cruz

Is tougher US-Mexico border security shifting smuggling routes?
US authorities have arrested a Honduran national for allegedly smuggling several migrants from... ReadLeer
/ Canada

US-Canada Border Arrest Shows Varied Human Smuggling Routes

Juan Ramón Matta Waldurraga
The heir of one of Honduras’ most notorious drug trafficking groups is negotiating a plea deal in... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Another Honduras Narco Negotiates Plea Deal With US

A police vehicle set on fire by prisoners
A recent series of shootouts with police near one of Venezuela's most infamous prisons is a... ReadLeer
/ Prisons

Venezuela Prison Shootout With Police Shows Criminal Control

Violence against Brazilian adolescents is worsening
Nearly four in every 1,000 Brazilian adolescents living in the country's biggest cities are... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil’s Youth Violence Crisis Deepening: Report

Miguel Angel Treviño, alias "Z40," was a top commander of the Zetas
No criminal organization illustrates the life-and-death struggle that has embroiled Mexico over the... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

What Three New Books on the Zetas Tell Us About the Legendary Crime Group

A welcome sign in Ipala, Guatemala featuring Mayor Esduin Javier, aka "Tres Kiebres"
In our October 11 Facebook Live session, co-director Steven Dudley and senior editor Mike LaSusa... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Weekly InSight: Guatemala Mayor ‘Tres Kiebres’ – The Art of Being ‘3 Times Broken’