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The vehicle in which three suspects were shot and killed by Mexican police
A video of what appears to be a series of extrajudicial killings by a Mexican police officer in the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Apparent Extrajudicial Execution in Mexico Adds to the Growing List

Members of El Salvador's police
One group of police officers in El Salvador accused of running a death squad has been freed just as... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Death Squad Suspects Freed, While Corrupt Cops Jailed

The 'narco-rice' case began in September 2015
Authorities in Argentina are investigating everything from soccer matches and players' rights to... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina ‘Narco-Rice’ Investigation Turns Towards Soccer

Nicaragua security forces guard a seized drug shipment
Authorities in Nicaragua are trumpeting their counternarcotics efforts, which they say have kept... ReadLeer
/ Nicaragua

Nicaragua Claims No ‘Cartel’ Presence, But Past Cases Tell a Different Story

Honduras National Police officers
A new report mapping violence in Honduras' capital suggests that the country's gangs remain a root... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Violence in Honduras Capital City Follows Past Trends

ELN fighters
The government of Colombia and the country's largest remaining guerrilla group have agreed to a... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Govt, ELN Sign Ceasefire Amid Growing Dissidence

Many of the FARC's assets have been lost to deserter groups
Formerly the Western Hemisphere's largest guerrilla organization, Colombia's FARC has compiled a... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The FARC’s Riches: Millions Apparently Lost to Dissidents

El Salvador transfers MS13 gang members
Officials in El Salvador agreed to move a group of MS13 leaders after one member offered to cause a... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Government Conspired to Create Dissident Faction of MS13

Second-in-command of the Urabeños, Roberto Vargas Gutiérrez, alias "Gavilán"
A top commander of Colombia's most powerful crime group has been killed during a security... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Second-in-Command of Colombia’s Urabeños Killed in Security Operation

All suspects in the "Truce Trial" were acquitted
The judge presiding over the so-called "Truce Trial" has chosen to acquit all 18 suspects, while... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

All Suspects Acquitted in El Salvador Gang Truce Trial