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The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force
Colombia's demobilized FARC guerrilla group recently launched a new political party, but internal... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Entrance to Colombia’s Political Arena Haunted by Guerrillas’ Past

At Venezuela's Cuatro Muertos (Four Dead Men) mine, the search for gold is chaotic. (Credit: OCCRP, Photographer’s name withheld for their safety)
The rise of organized crime in Venezuela's southern Bolívar region has been directly proportional... ReadLeer
/ Gold

Gold and Chaos: Gang Lords Rule Venezuela’s Orinoco Mining Arc

Washington Prado Alava claims to be a FARC member
A jailed Ecuadorean drug capo is claiming to be a member of Colombia's demobilized FARC guerrilla... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Is Ecuador’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ a Member of Colombia’s FARC?

Is a Nicaraguan company laundering money for the FARC?
Recent testimony before the US Senate revived allegations that a Venezuela-owned company... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Allegations of Venezuela, Nicaragua Complicity in FARC Money Laundering Resurface

A total of 32 former paramilitary chiefs were condemned
Dozens of individuals in Colombia have been sentenced for crimes committed while serving under... ReadLeer

Colombia Convicts Former Paramilitary Leaders for Hundreds of Crimes

ICE agents deport an alleged gang member
The US House of Representatives has backed a bill designed to facilitate the deportation of... ReadLeer
/ Security Policy

Proposed US Gang Deportation Law Could Sweep Up Innocents

The Belgium port city of Antwerp
The largest cocaine seizure ever in Germany points to the role of the port city of Antwerp in... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Inside Germany’s Largest-Ever Cocaine Seizure: The Belgium Connection

Anti-Corruption protesters in Guatemala City confront police
Guatemala's congress is backtracking on an attempt to weaken anti-corruption efforts following... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Public Outcry Forces Guatemala Congress to Backtrack on ‘Impunity Pact’

Killings rising in Venezuela illegal mining
State forces have reportedly been responsible for a wave of killings in Venezuela's illegal mining... ReadLeer
/ Illegal Mining

What Is Behind Killings in Venezuela Illegal Mining Regions?

Brazil President Michel Temer
The first sitting president in the history of Brazil to face criminal charges has been indicted... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil President Faces New Criminal Charges Related to Graft Scheme

Venezuela's prisons are run by 'pranes,' or gang leaders
In our September 14 Facebook Live session, Co-director Jeremy McDermott and Senior Investigator... ReadLeer
/ Prisons

Weekly InSight: Special Investigation on Venezuela’s Prisons

US President Donald Trump
In an annual designation of major drug trafficking and producing nations, US President Donald Trump... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

US Threatens to Brand Colombia Not Compliant on Anti-Drug Efforts