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Rapid urbanization fuels land trafficking in Lima, Peru
The latest revelations about land trafficking in Peru show how unchecked urban sprawl can foster... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

How Urbanization and Land Trafficking Go Hand-in-Hand in Peru

Former Atlantic Cartel leader Wilter Neptalí Blanco Ruíz
One of Honduras' most notorious drug traffickers has agreed to cooperate with US authorities after... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Honduras Kingpin Pleads Guilty, Sets Stage for Damning Revelations

Illegal currency operations are reportedly flourishing along the Uruguay-Brazil border
A media report blames lack of government control for Uruguay's extensive illegal currency exchange... ReadLeer
/ Money Laundering

Illegal Exchange Houses Flourish on Uruguay-Brazil Border

Mexico security forces on patrol
A confrontation between security forces in Mexico's embattled state of Sinaloa and an armed group... ReadLeer
/ El Mayo

Bloody Battle in Sinaloa, Mexico Reflects Splintering Underworld