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Interior of maximum-security prison Puente Grande
Organized crime groups control 65 percent of state prisons in Mexico, according to a government... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Crime Groups Control 65 Percent of State Prisons in Mexico: Report

Contraband smugglers between Bolivia and Argentina, dubbed “bagayeros”
Recent media reports point to the rise of drug and human trafficking on the Bolivia-Argentina... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Smuggling of Drugs, People Spurs Violence in Argentina Contraband Hotbed

Colombia now has the largest number of internally displaced people
A newly released annual report on global internal displacement again highlights how crime and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Conflict, Violence Continue to Drive Displacement in Latin America: Report

One in three Caribbean residents has lost someone close to them to violence
The Caribbean region has a "uniquely high level of violent crime," according to a new report that... ReadLeer
/ Caribbean

Caribbean Has ‘Violence Problem,’ Not ‘Crime Problem’: Report

A protest against Brazil's President Michel Temer
The government of Brazil has reduced funding for a police task force investigating a massive... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Cuts Anti-Graft Unit Funding as Bribe Scandal Hits President

An illegal mine in Peru's Madre de Dios department
The case of a gold importer who raked in billions of dollars from illegal mines allegedly run by... ReadLeer
/ Gold

Peru-US Gold Case Shows How Importer Shifted Gears

Brazil’s President Michel Temer
Brazil's President Michel Temer allegedly encouraged a businessman to pay hush money to a jailed... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Bribe Scandal Implicating Brazil President Spotlights Deep-Seated Corruption

Colombia's FARC are currently demobilizing
A ruling by Colombia's Constitutional Court has created an opportunity for opponents of the... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia Court Ruling Spells Trouble for FARC Peace Process

The United States government says it will seek to tackle its massive consumer market.
A recent visit by top US officials to Mexico and a meeting between the presidents of Colombia and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Mexico, Colombia Meetings Show US Security Policy on Unsure Footing

It has been a deadly year for journalists in Mexico
In our May 18 Facebook Live session, Senior Investigator Deborah Bonello spoke with Jan-Albert... ReadLeer
/ Human Rights

Weekly InSight: Can Mexico Protect Its Press From Violence and Corruption?

El Salvador's Defense Minister David Munguía Payés
A minister in El Salvador has been implicated in a controversial and now defunct gang truce, in a... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

El Salvador Defense Minister Played Key Role in Gang Truce: AG

Petén clandestine airstrip near Perenco
A news organization in Guatemala discovered a clandestine drug trafficking airstrip located in the... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala News Outlet Spots Clandestine Airstrip Near Military Base