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"La Patrona" after her arrest in El Salvador
Authorities in El Salvador arrested a fugitive crime boss who had escaped from a Guatemala prison... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Guatemala Fugitive ‘La Patrona’ Recaptured in El Salvador

Fuel theft in Mexico is a $1 billion business
From corrupt oil workers to public officials to possibly even private companies, fuel theft from... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Layers of Corruption Facilitate Fuel Theft in Mexico

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
The US Treasury Department has assigned a little-known heroin trafficking group based in... ReadLeer
/ Heroin

Blacklisting of Mexico Heroin Trafficking Group Could Signal Changes to US Strategy

Honduran anti-narcotic agents with confiscated coca plants
Authorities have located coca plantations in Honduras, a sign that the Central American nation... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Coca Plantation ‘Experiment’ in Honduras Raises Eyebrows

DEVIDA President Carmen Masías
The government of Peru hopes to halve the amount of coca grown in the country by 2021, an ambitious... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Can Peru’s Ambitious Eradication Goal Reduce Coca Crops?

US Police Officials during a Senate committee hearing on the MS13. (From left to right: Commissioner Timothy D. Sini, Detective Scott Conley, and Chief J. Thomas Manger)
Police chiefs from three different US counties impacted by the MS13 street gang spoke out about... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Trump Policies Undermine Fight Against MS13: US Police

President Trump plans to slash foreign aid
US President Donald Trump's proposed budget for 2018 is a clear demonstration of his security... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Trump Budget Plan Spells Trouble for LatAm Security Cooperation

Satellite photos showing deforestation caused by illegal mining in Peru
Peru has lost hundreds of hectares of rainforests to illegal mining in recent months, a reminder of... ReadLeer
/ Illegal Mining

Peru Authorities Struggle to Combat Illegal Mining as Deforestation Continues

Police descend on São Paulo’s “Crackland”
A police operation against an open-air drug market in São Paulo, Brazil has simply displaced the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Police Mount Another Futile Crackdown on São Paulo ‘Crackland’

Antonio José Meléndez Suárez, captured in Bogotá
Colombian authorities have captured an individual suspected of shipping drugs from Venezuela using... ReadLeer
/ Venezuela

Arrest of Drug Flight ‘Emperor’ Shows Venezuela’s Role as Departure Point

Recent reports suggest illegal gold mining and the associated trafficking of mercury are increasing... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Illegal Gold Mining in Costa Rica Suggests Diversifying Criminal Landscape

Banmex, a Citigroup subsidiary, will pay nearly $100 million in forfeiture
A subsidiary of one of the largest banking corporations in the United States has admitted to... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

US Bank Admits Criminal Failure to Stop Money Laundering to Mexico