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José Adán Salazar Umaña, alias "Chepe Diablo"
In our April 6 Facebook Live session, Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos spoke with Senior... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

Weekly InSight: ‘Chepe Diablo,’ the Texis Cartel and El Salvador Elites

José Adán Salazar Umaña, alias "Chepe Diablo". Photo by Factum/Bryan Avelar
El Salvador's Attorney General's Office arrested José Adán Salazar Umaña, alias "Chepe Diablo,"... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

El Salvador Arrests ‘Chepe Diablo,’ Investigates Ties With Vice President

Former President Cristina Kirchner
The former president of Argentina was indicted on charges of leading a money laundering scheme... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Ex-President Faces Mounting Corruption Charges

Petrobas reported 73 attempted oil thefts in 2016, up from 14 in 2015.
Prosecutors say a dismantled criminal network operating near Rio de Janeiro stole 14 million liters... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Brazil Crime Groups Expanding Oil Theft Operations

Argentina Security Minister Patricia Bullrich
Authorities in Argentina are reshaping security policies by putting more emphasis on information... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Overhaul of Argentina Security Policy Leaves Unanswered Questions

A policeman patrolling a favela in Rio de Janeiro
New statistics show that police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil continue to use lethal force at high... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Killings by Police in Rio de Janeiro Highlight Training, Oversight Flaws

El Salvador Attorney General Douglas Meléndez (center)
El Salvador's Attorney General's Office has reportedly been forced to postpone 15 hearings on drug... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Lack of Resources Aggravates El Salvador Security Troubles

"Popeye" with former Colombia President Andrés Pastrana in 2012
He often describes himself as the "living memory" of the Medellín Cartel, but the truth is that... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Popeye: The Hitman Turned Web Star

New report finds missteps by US agencies aided arms traffickers
A new report from a US government watchdog has found that multiple agencies were at fault in a... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

US Agencies Botched Gun Running Investigations With Deadly Consequences: Watchdog

Venezuela’s latest political crisis brought demonstrators to the streets
Venezuela's Supreme Court reversed a recent decision that annulled the opposition-controlled... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

How Will Venezuela Supreme Court Reversal Impact Organized Crime?

Police guard the six tons of cocaine seized in Barranquilla
Authorities in Colombia seized a multi-ton cocaine shipment belonging to Colombia's most powerful... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

Large Colombia Cocaine Seizure Points to Urabeños Strength

Salvador Rangel Mendoza, bishop of Chilpancingo-Chilapa in the Mexican state of Guerrero.
Recent meetings between a bishop and criminal groups in Mexico are seeking a solution to violence... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Can Meetings Between Priests and Criminals Help Reduce Violence in Mexico?