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Loggers move tree trunks down the Putaya River in Peru
A new investigation by the Associated Press has shed additional light on how corruption and lack of... ReadLeer
/ Environmental Crime

Corruption, Lack of Capacity Drive Illegal Logging in Peru: Report

Homicides in Honduras have dropped considerably since peaking in 2011.
Authorities in Honduras say that their fight against organized crime is responsible for the... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Security Concerns Remain Despite Drop in Homicides in Honduras

Panama's president inaugurates the new task force
Panama may be moving away from a softer approach to its gang problem toward a more firm-handed and... ReadLeer
/ Panama

Panama Sliding Toward More Hardline Anti-Gang Policy?

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions launched a rhetorical campaign this... ReadLeer
/ MS13

7 Things the Trump Administration Gets Wrong About MS13

Child pornography distributors created a global network using WhatsApp
An operation against a child pornography network that spanned at least 18 countries in Europe and... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Multinational Operation Targets Major Online Child Porn Network

Suspects in Ecuadorean trafficking ring
Authorities in Ecuador believe a police captain played a central role in coordinating the... ReadLeer
/ Ecuador

Police Captain Allegedly Key Part of Ecuador-Colombia Trafficking Ring

President Nicolás Maduro in a recent military display
Whatever happens following "the mother of all protests" in Venezuela on April 19, political... ReadLeer
/ Cartel de los Soles

Dark Times in Venezuela Signal Bright Future for Organized Crime

ELN rebels
One of the chief negotiators of Colombia's largest remaining guerrilla group, the ELN, has spoken... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

ELN Negotiator Talks Peace Progress, New Underworld Conflicts

Mexican Supreme Court Justice Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea
A new report by a US-based research group offers a rare look at how Mexico's judges, prosecutors... ReadLeer
/ Judicial Reform

Report Analyzes Advances of Criminal Justice Reforms in Mexico

Chepe Diablo / Photo courtesy of Factum
The vice president of El Salvador, Óscar Ortiz, is closer than he has claimed to the illegal... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

El Salvador Vice President Engaged in ‘Money Laundering Methods’: Prosecutors

José Adán Salazar Umaña, alias "Chepe Diablo"
José Adán Salazar Umaña, alias "Chepe Diablo," has been accused of laundering money via shell... ReadLeer
/ Chepe Diablo

El Salvador Crime Boss Allegedly Laundered Money With Panama Companies

Former Mexico Gov. Javier Duarte after his arrest in Guatemala in April 2017
The capture of a fugitive ex-governor shows that Mexico is capable of netting its most wanted if... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Mexico Arrest of Fugitive Ex-Governor Is Result of Politics, Not Ethics