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Buenos Aires Security Minister Cristian Ritondo
The security minister of Buenos Aires province has indicated that authorities plan to continue an... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

200 Buenos Aires Police Jailed on Corruption Charges in 2016: Minister

The crime scene of the murder of Mayor Valeriano Rodríguez Cos
Five mayors in Guatemala have been attacked since the start of 2017 and two have been killed in a... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Drug Groups Suspected in Murders of Guatemala Mayors

Police in Honduras are getting new uniforms to combat officer impersonation
Security officials in Honduras announced that the National Police will adopt new uniforms designed... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

Honduras to Combat Police Impersonation With New Uniforms

The Corruptionary is Mexico's glossary of graft
Activists in Mexico have created the world's first "Corruptionary," a wry collection of Mexican... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

‘Corruptionary’ Provides a Guide to Mexico’s Vocabulary of Corruption

A PCC prison riot in Sao Paulo
Brazil's largest criminal organization is reportedly recruiting dissident FARC guerrillas in order... ReadLeer
/ Ex-FARC Mafia

Brazil’s PCC is Recruiting FARC Dissidents: Colombia Defense Minister

Cali police officer talks to youths about gang program
Local officials in Cali, Colombia are planning to expand a recently instituted gang reintegration... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Cali, Colombia to Expand Gang Reintegration Program in 2017

El Salvador President Salvador Sánchez Cerén
The administration of El Salvador President Salvador Sánchez Cerén insists that it will not... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Negotiations Between El Salvador Govt, MS13 Prove Elusive