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26 people died in Brazil's latest prison riot.
A new round of violence in Brazil's prisons is reviving concerns that ongoing problems in the... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Latest Brazil Prison Riot Signals Emerging Security Crisis

InSight Crime's round-up of Latin America and the Caribbean's 2016 homicide rates
Politicians often make lofty promises about reducing homicides and improving citizen security, but... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

InSight Crime’s 2016 Homicide Round-up

2017 will see new mutations in organized crime and new challenges for governments
At the end of every year, InSight Crime looks into the crystal ball and predicts what the big... ReadLeer
/ Ex-FARC Mafia

GameChangers 2016: Red Flags for 2017

Supreme Court magistrate Blanca Stalling
A Supreme Court magistrate in Guatemala has allegedly pressured a judge handling her son's case,... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Guatemala Judge Flees Country Fearing Own Judiciary Colleague

Cocaine smuggling routes from Peru to Brazil
An official intelligence report determined that the Peru-to-Brazil cocaine trade is worth $4.5... ReadLeer
/ Brazil

Lucrative Cocaine Trade Fuels Gang Presence in Brazil’s Amazon

Guy Philippe during his first appearance before a US judge
Former Haitian rebel leader and Senator-elect Guy Philippe pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Haiti Senator-Elect Pleads Not Guilty to US Drug Charges

Seized drug shipment
The drug world in the Americas is undergoing seismic shifts with changing patterns of drug... ReadLeer
/ GameChangers

GameChangers 2016: Drug Production and Consumption – Patterns and Performance

One of the police officers arrested as a result of the recent investigation
Authorities in Honduras have dismantled several networks of allegedly corrupt law enforcement... ReadLeer
/ Honduras

New Allegations Highlight Continuing Corruption in Honduras Police

El Salvador Vice President Oscar Ortiz
Following the proposal by one of El Salvador's main gangs to start a dialogue with the government... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Govt Unlikely to Accept MS13 Dialogue Proposal

The FARC now appear to be turning on each other
Amid increasing desertion, two rival groups of FARC rebels clashed leaving two dead, a clear... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

FARC Unity Shatters in Colombia

FARC fighters are waiting to enter the peace concentration zones
This year saw a Nobel Peace Prize for the Colombian president and two peace agreements with Marxist... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

GameChangers 2016: Still No Peace in Colombia

Paramilitary fighter working with Colombian army troops in Operation Orion, 2002
An international court's condemnation of the Colombian state's role in an infamous military... ReadLeer

Intl Court Condemns Colombia for Bloody 2002 Military Operation