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Community police officers in Guerrero
A prolonged shootout between over 100 armed civilians and a dozen police officers in Guerrero,... ReadLeer
/ Mexico

Massive Shootout Shakes Mexico’s Epicenter of Violence

Hundreds of jaguar's teeth have been seized in Bolivia
The trafficking of jaguar teeth from Bolivia's natural parks to China has sparked worries that... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Chinese Smugglers Driving Up Jaguar Killings in Bolivia

More than two dozen buses have been torched so far this year in Honduras, a fiery display of the... ReadLeer
/ Extortion

30 Buses Burned in Honduras This Year as Result of Extortion

Former Colombia Agriculture Minister Andrés Felipe Arias
Authorities in Florida have arrested a former Colombian Agriculture minister who fled there after... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Ex-Minister’s Arrest Shows Florida’s Role as Haven for Corrupt Elites

A group of Shining Path rebels
A politician in Peru is urging that the security forces be deployed to "stateless" drug transit... ReadLeer
/ Peru

Peru’s Shining Path is Making a Comeback, Analyst Says

Costa Rican and US delegations at the White House
The United States' announcement of a $30 million aid package to help Costa Rica confront organized... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

US Aid Package Aims at Growing Criminal Threat in Costa Rica

The FARC peace process negotiators in Havana, Cuba
A peace agreement between Colombia's government and the country’s largest rebel army has been... ReadLeer
/ Cocaine

What Does Colombia Peace Deal Mean for Cocaine Trade?

Northern Triangle presidents in El Salvador
Presidents of Central America's Northern Triangle have come to an agreement to create a "common... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Is the Northern Triangle’s ‘Historic’ Security Pact Short-Sighted?

A farmer protests against eradication in Catatumbo, 2013
Repeated blockades by coca farmers in Colombia are stopping state agents from eradicating their... ReadLeer
/ Coca

Colombia Protests Bad Sign for Post-Conflict Coca Reduction

Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano
An investigation by Spanish authorities has uncovered an alleged cocaine trafficking network headed... ReadLeer
/ European Organized Crime

Arrest of Alleged Cartel Operative Shows Mexico Drug Interests in Spain

The government in Bolivia has finalized a contract for an advanced nationwide radar system, but... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Can Radar Shut Down the Bolivia Cocaine Air Bridge?

Venezuela Interior Minister Néstor Luis Reverol
Venezuela's new minister of Interior and Justice touted the country's drug interdiction bona fides... ReadLeer
/ Cartel de los Soles

Indicted Minister: Venezuela is Free of Drug Trafficking