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Alias 'Pablito' of the ELN, one of the greatest obstacles to peace
The FARC’s pledge to end its war to overthrow the Colombian state is a huge step forward in... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

8 Reasons Why Colombia’s Post-Conflict is Still a Ways Off

A poppy in Mexico. by Deborah Bonello
Mexico has for the first time released its own estimates for the amount of land dedicated to poppy... ReadLeer
/ Heroin

Mexico Publishes Poppy Cultivation Data for First Time

Sam Quiñones' recent book blends separate but overlapping stories of business triumph:... ReadLeer
/ Heroin

Low-Profile Mexico Traffickers Take Center Stage in Dreamland

The police chief of Zacatelocua is on the run
 The police chief of Zacatecoluca is on the lam in the second case this month of a major... ReadLeer
/ Barrio 18

Another Municipality Busted for Gang Ties in El Salvador

Berta Cáceres, a Honduras environmental defender murdered in March
A new report documents 2015 as the worst year on record for murders of land and environmental... ReadLeer
/ Environmental Crime

LatAm Among Deadliest Regions for Land Activists: Report

Paraguay has enjoyed relative stability following its transition to democracy in the early 1990s.... ReadLeer
/ Paraguay


One of Latin America's most impoverished nations, Bolivia is the world's third largest producer of... ReadLeer
/ Bolivia

Bolivia Profile

Luis Rojas, former head of Paraguay's SENAD
Paraguay's top counternarcotics official has resigned after a botched security operation left a... ReadLeer
/ Drug Policy

Paraguay President Accepts Resignation of Anti-Drug Czar

Map of Colombia's drug trafficking diaspora
From the jungles of Brazil to the elegant boulevards of Madrid, some of Colombia's most renowned... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Mapping Colombia’s Drug Trafficking Diaspora

Thelma Aldana, c/o elPeriodico
Guatemala's attorney general said she was under attack from "hidden powers" and feared for her... ReadLeer
/ Guatemala

Guatemala AG Says She’s Afraid for the First Time

Costa Rican official talks with African migrants
Officials say Costa Rica is experiencing an increase in irregular migration from Africa, signaling... ReadLeer
/ Costa Rica

Increasing African Migration through CentAm Poses Challenges

News out of Guatemala over the past year has been filled with details regarding various... ReadLeer
/ Elites and Organized Crime

Guatemala’s Government Corruption Scandals Explained