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Gang members in El Salvador
A judge in El Salvador has sentenced members of the MS13 street gang to 200.5 years in prison on... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Gang Members Sentenced to 200 Years

Salud Hernández-Mora
The disappearance of several journalists in the troubled zone of Catatumbo -- home to an array of... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

Colombia’s ELN Suspected in Journalists’ Disappearance

Australian officials with seized cocaine
Mexico's cartels are making inroads into Australia as Latin American drug trafficking organizations... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Mexico Cartels Threaten Australia National Security: Report

The FARC are set to release minors from their ranks
Following the announcement that Colombia's FARC guerrillas will release minors from its ranks as... ReadLeer
/ Colombia

The FARC and Child Soldiers: A Question of Reintegration

The Pacific state of Colima has seen a surge in violence in recent months
The small west Mexico state of Colima has seen homicides rise by more than 900 percent compared to... ReadLeer
/ Homicides

Why a 900% Spike in Murders in West Mexico State?

Central American leaders meet with US officials to discuss foreign assistance
El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are all facing serious financial constraints that could hinder... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

Funds Lacking for Northern Triangle Security, Justice Reforms

A new survey documents the effect crime is having on the way citizens in Mexico go about their... ReadLeer
/ Infographics

Insecurity Altering Daily Habits of Mexico Citizens: Survey

Mexico's Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Center reports that impunity over human... ReadLeer
/ Ayotzinapa

‘War on Drugs’ a Recipe for Rights Abuses in Mexico

A private security guard in Brazil
Over 30 percent of all weapons belonging to private security firms in Rio de Janeiro end up in the... ReadLeer
/ Arms Trafficking

Security Firms are Big Source of Weapons for Rio Criminals

Increased drug-related crime in Uruguay has sparked concern
The recent arrest of individuals linked to Mexico's Los Cuinis criminal organization has drawn... ReadLeer
/ Criminal Migration

Is Uruguay the New Argentina of Drug Trafficking?

Henry de Jesús López Londoño, alias “Mi Sangre”
Argentina approved the extradition of top Colombian drug lord "Mi Sangre" to the United States,... ReadLeer
/ Argentina

Argentina Approves Extradition of Colombia Capo ‘Mi Sangre’

Alleged members of the assassin network
Details on an alleged police assassin network that killed gang members for profit heightens concern... ReadLeer
/ El Salvador

El Salvador Police Implicated in Murder-for-Hire Network